u.s 1 LJ

  • great awakening and enlightenment

    the religious movement that belived that inner religious emotion was more important than outer religion churches welcome women and blacks
  • french and indian war

    the french and indian war was a war between the french and the british the war started in 1754 and ended in 1763 this was a very important war because it was a fight of the biggest powers in the world and the briti9sh won
  • proclamation of 1763

    It was said by the british that no one could go west of the apps
  • sugar act

    the law that was passed in 1764 it requied that 3 cent tax on any thing with sugar
  • stamp act

    the stamp act is a law that was passed in 1765 and it requied that every one pays taxes on every printed piece of paper they used
  • townshend acts

    the townshend acts is a law that placed taxes on various goods brought into the coloiens this act was passed in june 29 1767
  • boston massacre

    the boston massacre was the killing of five sons of liberity that took place in boston the boston massacre happend on march 5 1770
  • boston tea party

    the boston tea party was when the colonies dumped all the tea in to boston harbor in 1773
  • intolerable acts

    the intolerable acts are know for how haesh they were this act took place in 1774
  • battles of lexington and concord

    this was thye start of the revolutionary war the battle began in 1775
  • second continental congress

    they elected goerge washington to be the genaral for there army it was made in 1775
  • american revolution

    one of the greatest wars in history it started in 1775 and end in 1778
  • george washington

    was the first preadent of america and the genaral of the continental army
  • common sense

    thomas paine wrote common sense in 1776 in the colonies when he moved there
  • battle of saratoga

    that battle was the turning point for america this battle started in 1776
  • valley forge

    this is the place all the solders got all there suppies
  • battle of trenton

    in the battle of trenton the amricans won the battle was in 1776
  • declaration of independence

    this document gave all white males rights it was sighed in july 4 1776
  • yorktown

    American victory at Yorktown proved to be the final major battle of the American Revolution.
  • articles of confederation

    the first writen constition of the untied states
  • Treaty of Paris

    the Treaty of Paris was the treaty to end the french and indian war for good and this treaty was signed in 1783
  • treaty of paris

    negotiated between the United States and Great Britain, ended the revolutionary war and recognized American independence.
  • lord cornwallies

    governor-general of India, gave legal form to the complex of measures that constituted the administrative framework in British India known as the Cornwallis, or Bengal, system.
  • friedrich von steuben and marquis de lafayette

    the most influential German foreign policymaker from 1890 to 1909, during the reign of Emperor William II