Uruguayan Rugby Team

By ebarish
  • Plane is delayed

    The plane is delayed to another airport so it will not take its typical route.
  • The Crash

    Flight 571 flying from Montevideo Airport to Santiago de Chile crashed carrying 45 passengers including the crew.
  • The day after the initial crash.

    Seven people are missing, Five people are dead, and Thirty three are still alive.
  • Day 3

    Ten dead, Seven missing, and Twenty Eight alive.
  • Day 9

    Susana "Susy" Parrado died. Eleven dead, Seven missing, Twenty Seven alive.
  • Day 12

    Six of the missing are found dead. Seventeen dead, One missing, 27 alive.
  • An Avalanche

    An avalanche hits the plane, eight people die. Twenty six dead, One missing, Nineteen alive.
  • Another dies

    Another person dies. Twenty Seven dead, Eighteen dead.
  • Another dies

    Another Person died. Twenty eight dead, Seventeen alive.
  • Another dies

    Another dies. Twenty Nine dead, Sixteen alive.
  • Found Rescue

    Parrado and Canessa encounter Sergio Catalan. The farmer who gets help and saves their lives
  • Rescued

    Parrado and Canessa rescued.
  • More are rescued

    6 more people are rescued.
  • More people are rescued

    8 people rescued. 16 people alive.
  • The news gets out

    Front page of the Santiago newspaper El Mercurio reports that all survivors resorted to cannibalism.