Ups Logo Timeline

  • Ups Begining!

    Ups Begining!
    In 1907 a kid named Jim wanted to start a private mail company! So he barrowed 100$ from a friend of his to start off his company get a few trucks so on and so forth. The first logo came around 1916 to grow more popular!
  • Period: to


    In between 1907 and 1937 they bought company turcks and where delivering and starting bussiness all over the united states
  • 2nd Logo

    2nd Logo
    In 1937 there second logo came out because everyone decided a update was needed for there company! They went with the same style*a sheild* but made it more new!
  • 3rd Logo

    3rd Logo
    The company has noticed that the Company had grown bigger over the years they have had it so they decided a new logo would be benafical towards the public thus bringing the 3rd logo!
  • 4th Logo

    4th Logo
    Finally there last logo which was changed because it was the 2000 and it meant changing it up alittle bit! And this logo is still Ups logo today!