United States History Class Timeline 2015-16

  • The Bostin Masacre

    The Bostin Masacre happend when alarge group of colinists surrounded a group of british souldgers. Thecolists were insulting them and trowing things at them and the souldgers felt threatend enough that they fired and killed five of thecolinists. Thismade angers grow even morebetween the colinistsand the british.
  • Decrlation of independance

    The 13 colonies wanted to establish their own government separate from Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence. On July 4, 1776 the congress agreed on the Declaration of Independence and several people signed it saying that the 13 colonies were different fro the British
  • Battle of Brndy wine

    Howe (the British commander) sailed to the Chesapeake bay near Maryland where the Americans waiting behind the Brandywine creek. The British took them by surprise on the right flank because the Americans did not scout well. After some fighting Howe broke through. The Americans retreated and this left Philadelphia vulnerable. It was then captured on September 26, 1777.
  • Siege of Yorktown

    The Americans and the French worked out a plan to take over the British General Cornwallis. In the beginning of September da Grasse (the French naval leader) Sailed north to defeat the British fleet. Cornwall’s was surrounded by the US on the land and the French by sea. They ended up having to make a treaty to end the war. They called this treats the treaty of Paris.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    In the early 1800s America was looking to expand west so they tried to buy Louisiana so they could claim control of the Mississippi river and use it for trade. France needed money to fund all of napoleons wars so France sold the territory from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada and from the old American territory to the rocky mountains. France sold it all for 15 million dollars that’s three cents an acre this more than doubled the nation. Later Americans would move west into the new territory.
  • California gold rush

    In the year 1848 gold was discovered in Sacramento Valley California. In 1849 thousands of people rushed to California these people were known as 49ers. Though some people got rich many people lost money or their lives, The people who made the most money were the merchants selling overpriced materials. In the end California’s population grew a lot from all the people who decided to stay in California.

  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    Harriet Becher stow wrote uncle tom’s cabin in the mid 1800’s. It’s a story about a slave who was always doing what he was supposed to but yet he was traded and beaten. It made the people in the North realize what slavery was really like. This made tensions rise in both the North and the South. The civil war soon started and some people believe that part of the reason was Stows book.
  • Pearl Harbor

    The United States do not wanted to get involved in World War II. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese surprised attack Pearl Harbor and it killed 2,403 people. The United States got involved in World War II.
  • Atomic bomb drop

    The Japanese refused to surrender near the end of the war so America and the allied countries decided to bomb japan. They had already tested a bomb in new Mexico and believed they were ready. On Aug.6 1945 They dropped the first bomb on Hiroshima on Aug.9 they dropped one on Nagasaki. In Hiroshima it killed about 90000-146000 and in Nagasaki it killed about 39000- 80000. Only about half the deaths happened the first day the other half of the people died of burns or radiation sickness. On Sep,2
  • Brown VS thebord of education

    Schools used to be segregated so that black people had to go to black schools and white people has to go to white schools. The NAACP took to court because they believed it was unfair. Even though this law was put in it was hard to enforce so only a few schools did that. The government than made sure that a group of black student called the Little rock nine got to school safely
  • Watergate scandel

    On June 17, 1972 five men were arrested for braking in to The democratic national office in the Watergate hotel. Nixon denied ever being part of the break in and ends up winning the reelection by far. Early into his second term though people look into the break in and witnesses come forth Nixon was now facing impeachment so he resigned.
  • Death of Elvis

    Elvis had already had some medical problems that required his dependency of drugs so he had many different prescription drugs sitting around. On august 16, 1977 Elvis returned to his room after a dentist appointment at around 7:00. He was later found in the bathroom they rushed him to the hospital and pronounced him dead at age 42. It is believed that Elvis was killed by an overdose of many different prescription drugs but we can’t know for sure haw he dies because his father had the autopsy cov
  • sep 11th attacks

    on September 11th 2001 two planes are high jacked by Islamic tsarists. The tsarists than crashed them into both of the towers at the world trade center and ended up killing about 3000. They also crashed one plane into a section of the pentagon. They were going to try to crash into the White House but the people on the plane stopped them and they ended up crashing in a field in PA. This caused at war between America and the tsarists.
  • BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    The day I was born.
  • Lewis and Clark journey

    Merriweather Lewis and William Clark were hired by the president to explore the new territory and all the way to the pacific ocean. They also needed to map and chart the new land as well as discover new plant and animal species. After a two year trip they had made it and amazingly only lost one man in the whole journey. Lewis and Clarks journey would pave the path for future Americans who plan to move west. History.com
  • Battle of getigburg

    Lee had gotten further than ever and planned to crush all union hope by defeating the union again. The way this battle started was when some union shoulders ran into a confederate raiding party. They both called on for reinforcements and the battle of Gettysburg began. The battle went on for almost a full day the confederates captured a few trenches but in the end the Union held then off.