united states history

  • proclamation

    this proclamation did not allow colonists to settle west of the applamation moutains. The brititsh government feared the conflct between coloists and Native amaricans would lead to another war. They also couldn't afford to payBritish troops to defend the western lands . Colonists were enraged by this proclamation because they felt they had won the right to settel in the Ohio River Valley afer winning the French and Indian War.
  • Period: to

    united states history

  • Stamp and Quarturing act

    The Quarturing act is when the Vritish troops would go to people houseand they had to provide them with supplies. The Stampact is when you had to have a stamp on dpcuments and contracts to leglize.
  • townshend act

    the townshend act is when new yorkers agreed to provid houseing for the brithish troops.
  • boston tae party

    a group of men disguiesed as Native Amacrican bored three tea ships and through tea over board they did this that cause the king put a tax on the tea
  • Intolerable act

    punished Massachsettes colony and to serve as a warning to othetr colonies.
  • battel of Lexington and Concord

    lexington and concord was the first battle of the Revolutionary war.
  • Olive Braching Plantation

    this document ask the king to reatore harmony between Britain and the coloines
  • Declaration of inepednance

    Congresss adopted the document that proclamined independance