United States History

By danam
  • Great Awekening

    The great awakening was an unorganized but a wide spread movement of Christian sermons and church meetings. It place from Georgia to new England. It Was Important Because it attracted many people of different classes and races and it encourages people to demand greater political equality.
  • The French And Indian War

    The French and British were fighting against each other in this war. The French had a strong central government, while the British did not have a strong united government. The British realized their lack of untidiness, so they made a Albany plan. but the colonist rejected the Albany plan Washington and the French were fighting and Washington finally surrendered on July 4, 1754. There were more important battles, which the British won most of.
  • The French and Indian War (continued)

    This war was important because it united the British colonies .During the war, there were many battles (the British won most of them.) The British responded by rejoicing about getting a lot of land. The French and Indian War lead to the proclamation of 1763.
  • proclimation of 1763

    The Proclination of 1763 was important because it made a law that seperated the indians and brittish, so they wouldent kill each other.which ment there would be no new settlement. the othorities created the proclimation because the indians were killing the colanists. the proclimation stated that the colinist had to move out of the land they were settled in, but they didnt want to and they were upset. the colinish were angry because they couldent expand into new land.
  • Townshend Acts

    The Townshend acts were important becausethey also raised money for milatary and war expences. the stamp act led up to it.During the townshend acts woman sewed thier own cloths because they didnt want to pay tax for the clothes that the parliment made. they responded by attaking the homes of officials and it led to the boston massecure.
  • Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act was very important because it raised money for the colonists and war expenses. The parliament wanted to raise money for the colonists but the colonists didn’t like the way they were doing it. They didn’t think it was fair.
  • Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act was important because it raised money for the expenses of the war and other expanses. During the stamp act people got angry because they didn’t want to pay the taxes. The fact that war was costly and they didn’t have the money and they needed a way to pay for it was what led up to the event. The colonist did not like this. This lead to a group called the sons of library.
  • Boston Massecure

    Boston Massecure
    The Boston Massecure was important because it showed that th officers didnt care about the people. during the event one solger was anoyyed of a colinist so he hit him with the back of his gun and a whole crown gathered around him, and after a while soldgers shot a bullet and killed 7 people. this led to trying to prevent violance.
  • Tea Act

    The tea Act was important because it showed that the colinist would do alot of things to not pay taxes. The townshead acts lead up to this because the government wanted to stay in charge.the boston tea party took place during this event. The colinist responded to the tea act by doing untoralbe things like having the boston tea party for example.
  • Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea party was important because it showed that the colinist werent gonna put up with all the taxes. during the event the government passed a law that said the have to pay for the tea, so the sons of libraty emptyed 90,000 founds of tea into the boston harbor. The government responded by shuting down the boston harbor untill all the tea was paied off.
  • Intorable Acts

    The Intorable acts was important because it made laws that said the colinist had limmited power, and that the government had most of the power. the intoralbe acts happened because of the boston tea party.during the event the government passed laws that said 1. the boston harbor will be shut down untill all the tea is paied off. 2. cancled the machetutas charter. 3. moved the trial of royal colinist. 4. requierd people to house soldgers. the colinist responded by critisizing the therir action
  • Battle of Lexiton/Concord

    The battle of Lexington/concord was important because it started the war.the intoralble acts lead up to the battle. during it the british and colinist met up at the border and were waiting till someone started the war. it was important because it the colinist killed alot of people.
  • decloration of Independence

    The decloration of indipendence was writtend because people wanted to seperate them selves from england and to delare why they wanted to.
  • Common Sense

    This Was Important because it showed what the government was doing, and they put it in a book to put the government under pressuer. the colinist responded by suporting them and doing alot of things that put the government under pressuer.
  • Battle Of Saratoga

    The Battle Of saratoga was important because it showed how badly out numbered they were, but they still tried. people fought in the battle so they could have freedom. and this lead to the battle of yourktown.
  • Battle Of Yorktown

    The Battle of Yorktown was important because it declared the colinist freendom. the battle of saragato lead up to it. the colinist finally won and this declared thier freedom. the battle of yorktown lead up to the trety of paris.
  • Treaty Of pairs