Unit Two

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    5 Important People

    5 Important People
    1.) General Wallice
    2.) George Washington
    3.) Marrquis De Lafayette
    4.) Benjamin Franklin
    5.) Thomas Jefferson
  • The French And Indian War Begins

    The French And Indian War Begins
    Where: Ohio Valley & 13 Colonies
    Who: Britian VS Frech & Indians/Native Americans
  • The French & Indian War Ends

    The French & Indian War Ends
    When: 1755 - 1763
    Cause: Britian Expanding Westward
    Effect: Proclaimation Of 1763 - Restricted Settlement West
  • The Declaration Of Independence

    The Declaration Of Independence
    Where: Philadelphia (Independence Wall)
    Why: To Vote That The Delegates Would Be A " Free & Indepence State "
    What: Document That Helped With The Founding Of The U.S. Of A Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit Of Happiness
    Who: Georgia:
    Button Gwinnett
    Lyman Hall
    George Walton Column 2
    North Carolina:
    \William Hooper
    Joseph Hewes
    John Penn South Carolina:
    Edward Rutledge
    Thomas Heyward, Jr.
    Thomas Lynch, Jr.
    Arthur Middleton
    Column 3
    Samuel Adams
    John Adams
  • Revolution

    5 Grievances: 1.) No More Colonist Trade.
    2.) Improving Taxes Without Colonist Consent.
    3.) Transporting People Beyond Seas.
    4.) Burning Our Towns, & Destroying The Lives Of Others.
    5.) King George Refused Asset To Laws.
  • Four Major Battles

    Four Major Battles
    1.) Gettysburg
    2.) Lexington & Concord
    3.) Yorktown
    4.) Bunkerhill