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Unit 5: Between the war Key terms

  • Frances Willard

    Frances Willard
    Miss Frances was a Amercian educator and temperance reformer. She was also a part of woman suffrage. The good deads that she did influenced the passage of the 18th and 19th admendments.
  • Warren G. Harding's "Return to Normalcy"

    Warren G. Harding's "Return to Normalcy"
    The Return to Normalcy was the return of people from world war 1. It was a U.S. presidential candidat for Warren G. Hardiing.
  • Clarence Darrow

    Clarence Darrow
    Mister Clarence was an American lawyer, a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and prominent advocate for Georgist. He died becuase of a heart problem.
  • William Jennings Bryan

    William Jennings Bryan
    William was a 3 time candidte for the Democratic Party to become president, sadly he didn't win but he became the United States Secretary of State for President Woodrow Wilson. He was also and American orator and politician from Nebraska.
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    Henry Ford was an American industrialist he was also the founder of The ford car company. He also assembled ine technique of mass production
  • Social Darwinism

    Social Darwinism
    Around this time people started to believe that if you were healthy or wealthy you were most likely to servive
  • Franklin D Roosevelt

    Franklin D Roosevelt
    President Roosevelt or FDR as most of us call him was our president for the longest time. He servied the U.S. for 12 years cuase he was so caring about the people.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Eleanor was the long lasting first lady of president Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was an American politician, diplomat, and activist.
  • marcus garvey

    marcus garvey
    Marcus was a Jamaican political leader who was also a publisher, jurnalist and entrepreneur. He was also apart of the Black Nationalism and Pan- Africanism movement.
  • Dorothea Lange

    Dorothea Lange
    Dorothea was known as a photographer and journlist during the great depression. her pictures would help some people see the strugle and sadness the people were going through.
  • Tin Pan Alley

    Tin Pan Alley
    The Tin Pan Alley was a group of music writers and publishers that were trying to make their music in U.S. while they lived in New York City.
  • Langston hughes

    Langston hughes
    Langston was an author. He did a lot of novels and poets, but he was mostly known for his jazz poems. He was not married nor had kids. He passed away in 1967.
  • charles A. Lindbergh

    charles A. Lindbergh
    Charles was a lot of things. He was an American millitary officer, exploral, author, inventor and social activist. He studied at Redondo Union High School, but he did not graduate. He had 14 kids. Sadly he passed away in 1974.
  • The Great Migration

    The Great Migration
    The Great Migration was when millions of african amercians left the rural Southern United Ststes to the urban Norteast, midway, and West. Anywhere that wasn't the south
  • Federal Reserve System

    Federal Reserve System
    The Federal Reserve System is the central banking system of the United States
  • Harlem Renaissance

    Harlem Renaissance
    The Harlem Renaissance was a time after world war 1 where all these artistic and talented people started to share it with everyone.
  • 1st Red Scare

    1st Red Scare
    The 1st Red Scare was the KKK. It was one of the fears the U.S. had they getting out of control.
  • Prohibition

    Prohibition is a time when the woman got to gether to make drinking alcohol illegle cuase they thought if drinking was gone all the vilonce but in reaality it just made things worse
  • Tea Pot Dome Scandal

    Tea Pot Dome Scandal
    The Tea Pot Dome Scandal was a bribery incident during the administration of President Warren G. Harding in the U.S.
  • Scopes Monkey Trial

    Scopes Monkey Trial
    The Scopes Monkey Trial, also known as The The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes, was a case in 1925 where a subsitute teacher was accued of theaching students somthing that isn't allowed in Tennessee.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The Great Depression happen a little bit after the Stock Market Crash . Million of people were unemployed and had no money to buy money to get food or pay off houses.
  • "Relief, Recovery, Reform"

    "Relief, Recovery, Reform"
    Since everyone was under The Great Depression president Roosevelt created something called the New Deal that would have 3 steps to it to help the people get out of the Great Depression by getting jobs
  • Jazz Music

    Jazz Music
    Jazz was a popular type of music and dance back then it help people have a good time after all the suffering that have been doing
  • Stock Market Crash "Black Tuesday"

    Stock Market Crash "Black Tuesday"
    During this time the Stock markets went completely bank rumpped . There was about 16,410,030 shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Billion of dollors were lost.
  • Social Sercurity Administration (SSA)

    Social Sercurity Administration (SSA)
    The Social Sercurity Administation Is apart of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SSA is where all the people that are not following the rules or did something really bad would get locked up in.
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FCIC)

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FCIC)
    This company was about of the New Deal program. It's where the banks start to come in and help people with money. It provied loans to banks, savings banks, building and loan associations, credit banks, industrial banks, mutual savings banks, and life insurance companies.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    The new Deal was a program the president FDR made to help people gain employment
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

    Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    The Securties and Exchange Commission had more then one company but this company was made to enforcing the federal securities laws, proposing securities rules, and regulating the securities industry, the nation's stock and options exchanges, and other activities and organizations, including the electronic securities markets in the United States.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

    Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
    The Tennessee Valley Authority is a compuny that halps out with navigation, flood control, electricity generation, fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development. It was parttcly made becuase of the The Great Depression.
  • 21st Amendment

    21st Amendment
    The 21st Amendment was a replacement for the 18th admenment which was about prohibition which now means you were allowed to drink but there were rules with it
  • The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl
    The Dust Bowl was a big storm of a bunch a dryed up dert that was picked up by wind cuase back then they were so stressed about having food and money that they didn't farm right
  • 20th Amendment

    20th Amendment
    the 20th Amendment was made so that the president could have a limit of how long he could be president. while the congress routetes as well.