Unit 3 timeline

  • Edict of Nantes

    allowed certain amount of tolerence to the french Huguenots
  • Champlain coloniezes QUebec for France

    Samuel deChampain was also known as the "Father of New France".
    Had a great relationship with indians.
  • Louis XIV becomes King of France

    attracted by colonies overseas.
    Quebec 1608.
  • First Navigational Laws to control colonial commerce

  • LaSalle explores Mississppi River to the Gulf of Mexico

    Robert de LaSalle was the founder of Lousiana.
  • College of William and Mary founded

    Was founded by Angelican church to train young clergy members
  • Smallpox inculation introduced

    Affected one fifth introduce inoculation
    some people didnt agree because it went against god.
  • Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's almanack

    widely read in America and Europe
  • Jonathan Edwars begins Great Awakening

    john edwards was a preacher taht talked about the eternal damnation nonbelievers would have after death
  • George Whitefield speads Great Awakening

    orator of rare gifts
  • War of Jenkin's Ear

    British vs. Spanish
    war was confirmed between Caribbean Sea and Georgia
  • Princenton College founded

    founded due to great awakening to educate religious leaders
  • Washington battles French on frontier Albany Congress

    lead to the French Indian WAr
  • Braddock's defeat

    Edward Braddock was a British commander during the French and Indian War. He was defeated by the French and the Indians. At this battle, Braddock was mortally wounded.
  • William Pitt emerges as leader of British goverment

    Pitt was a foremost leader in the London goverment and later earned the title of "Organizer of Victory"
  • Battle of Quebec

    ranks as one the most significant engagements in British and American history
  • Peace of Paris

    French kicked out of America
    they gave Louisiana to Spain
  • Proclamation

    colonists saw it as another form of oppression from a far away country
  • Seven Years's War ends

    it ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris
    British won the seventh
  • The Paxton boys led a march on Philadelphia

    protested to Quakers
    later became American Revolutionists
  • Sugar Act

    increased duty
    supar imported from the west indies-paid for debt
  • Quarter Act

    required ceratin colonies to provide food and quarters for British troops-payed for debt
  • Stamp Act

    imposed a stamp tax to raise money for the new military force.They lashed out violently against these measurements because they were being unfairly taxed
  • Stamp Act Congress

    Representetives from 9 of the colonies met in NY to discuss Stamp Tax. form some type of unity
  • Rutgers College founded

    founded due to great awakening to educate religious leaders
  • Townshend Acts

    Champagne Charley" Townshend persuaded Parliament to pass the Townshend Acts. These acts put a light import duty on such things as glass, lead, paper, and tea. The acts met slight protest from the colonists, who found ways around the taxes such as buying smuggled tea.
  • NY legislature suspended by parliament

    legislature was suspended for not following quarter act
  • Darmouth college founded

    due to great awakening to educate religious leaders
  • Boston Massacre

    a crowd of about 60 townspeople began taunting and throwing snowing to men with redcoat
  • Boston Tea Party

    some Whites, led by patriot Samuel Adams, disguised themselves as Indians themselves as Indians,
    opened 342 chests and dumped the tea into the ocean in this
  • Intolerable Acts

    repressive acts passed to punish colonies especially MA
  • The Quebec Act

    After the French and Indian War, the English had claim the Quebec Region, a French speaking colony. Because of the cultural difference, English had a dilemma on what to do with the region. The Quebec Act, passed in 1774, allow the French Colonist to go back freely to their own customs. The colonists have the right to have access to the Catholic religion freely.
  • First contiential congress

    discuss problems in Philadelphia decleration of rights
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord