• Signing of the Treaty of Paris

    The U.S. and Britain sign a the treaty that ended the war for Independence.
  • Ratification of the Articles of the Confederation

    The Articles of the Confederation were written in the year 1776 but was accepted by all of the States in 1781.
  • The Adoption of the U.S. Dollar

    At this time The United states adopted the U.S. Dollar the first real National Currency the Country had ever seen.
  • Adoption of the U.S. Constitution

    The United States needed a new written document for their organized government. The Articles of the Confederation were not descriptive enough and therefore needed to be revised. That is why the U.S. Constitution was developed.
  • George Washington mad President of the U.S.

    The First President of the United State, George Washington, gives his Inaugrial address.
  • Vermont Becomes a State

    Vermont is added as the 14th State of the United States.
  • Patent of the Cotton Gin

    Elli Whitney, the Inventor of the Cotton Gin, Finally Patents the his machine which leads to more slaves being needed and the South becoming an even more powerful force.
  • Election of 1800

    The Election of 1800 was a mess. Thomas Jefferson came out the victor and because of the madness that ensued the 12th amendment was added to the constitution.
  • Louisiana Purchace

    The French sell a large amount of land to the U.S. which was known as the Louisiana Purchase. This became a very important piece of land that brought about valuable resources for America.
  • The War of 1812

    Due to England's general hostility toward the U.S.. From Britain's support of Indian tribes stopping U.S. expansion to the stationing of British Soldiers in the U.S. The United States declared war on Britain.