Uglies: Events in the Life of Tally Youngblood

  • Tally leaves Uglyville

    Tally decides to try to find her old best friend, Peris, who lives in New Pretty Town
  • Tally arrives in New Pretty Town

    Tally sneaks into New Pretty Town by using the old bridge that doesn't talk like the other bridges.
  • Tally goes to the Garbo Mansion

    Tally arrives at the mansion where Peris lives. She goes inside wearing a pig mask to conceal her identity, since she is an ugly. Uglies are not supposed to go anywhere outside of Uglyville.
  • Tally finds Peris

    Tally finds Peris in his room getting ready for a party. Peris is not exactly excited to see her so dirty and "ugly".
  • Tally leaves the mansion through an escape

    Since Tally is an ugly, to leave, she must make a daring escape. She escapes by pulling the fire alarm causing panic and a distraction. She then jumps off the roof (she is not hurt because of the high-tech bungee jacket she had on).
  • Tally meets Shay

    Tally meets another ugly named Shay, who was also sneaking around in New Pretty Town. The two quickly become friends.
  • Period: to

    Part 1

    Part 1 out of 3 (of the book) "TURNING PRETTY"
  • Tally tries hoverboarding

    Shay tries to teach Tally how to ride a hoverboard.
  • Tally makes a facial morpho

    Tally creates a facial morpho (a future face idea) for Shay. They start dicussing the "pretty" surgery, and what the point of it is. Shay gives vague hints of not being sure about wanting the surgery. Tally however is eager, and doesn't notice.
  • Tally heads toThe Rusties

    Tally and Shay sneak out of Uglyville to go to The Rusties. The Rusties are part of what's left of our society (from before the apocalypse).
  • Tally rides a rollercoaster

    Tally and Shay ride a rollercoaster from our days. This is Tally's first time on one.
  • Tally leaves The Rusties

    Tally and Shay go back to Uglyville.
  • Tally pulls a prank

    Tally and Shay pull a minor prank on some new uglies for fun.
  • Tally goes to the beach

    Tally and Shay go to the beach to hide their pranking supplies and to go swimming.
  • Tally has a fight with her friend

    Tally and Shay argue about turning pretty, and what's right and what's wrong.
  • Tally's friend leaves

    As a result of their fight/argument, Shay leaves into the wild.
  • Best friends again??

    Shay returns and Tally and they exchange hugs, apologies, and crazy thoughts. Shay tells Tally about The Smoke, a place outside the city where runaways go to rebel and escape the operation. She asks Tally to run away with her.
  • Tally's friend decides to run away

    Shay decides to run to The Smoke by herself. She leaves Tally cryptic directions on how to get there.
  • Tally's big day

    The day Tally is finally going to get the operation is here, but something unexpected happens.
  • Tally meets Special Circumstances

    Tally meets Special Circumstances, a cruel branch of the city's government. They question her about Shay.
  • Tally is forced to make a decision

    The head of Special Circumstances, Dr. Cable, gives Tally the choice of turning in Shay and The Smoke, or staying ugly forever by herself in Uglyville.
  • Tally is visited by Peris

    Peris finds Tally and asks her what's going on about her operation's delay. Tally explains and then promises Peris that she'll do whatever it takes to get the operation.
  • Tally makes her decision

    Tally decides to side with Special Circumatances so she can get the operation. She goes to help them but they tell her she must locate The Smoke and Shay on her own.
  • Tally is given supplies

    Dr. Cable gives Tally a hoverboard, supplies to survive in the wild, and a heart necklace which is actually a tracking device.
  • Tally's 1st day of the journey

    This is Tally's first day of the journey to The Smoke.
  • Period: to

    Part 2

    Part 2 out of 3 (of the book) "THE SMOKE"
  • Tally arrives at The Smoke

    Tally finds The Smoke.
  • Tally is reunited

    Tally is reunited with Shay. She also meets David, and a whole comunity of runaway uglies. Shay and David show Tally around.
  • Tally almost activates the necklace

    Tally almost activates the heart necklace to let Dr. Cable know where she is (and therefore letting Dr. cable know where the Smoke's location is), but Tally changes her mind at the very last second.
  • Tally realizes

    Tally realizes that David has a crush on her, and this upsets Shay.
  • Tally finds out the truth

    David takes Tally to meet his parents, Maddy and Az, the original ugly runaways. They tell Tally about the operation's disturbing secret: lesions are put in people's brain during the surgery to make them placid, AKA "pretty-minded".
  • Tally destroys the necklace

    Tally throws the necklace into a campfire, in disgust of what her own city has done all these years. Although she is trying to destroy it, it gives a signal to Dr. Cable because it's been damaged.
  • Special Circumstances comes to The Smoke

    Thanks to Tally's accidental signal, Special Circumstances arrives.
  • Special Circumstances captures The Smoke

    Special Circumstances captures all The Smoke's citizens (the Smokies) except for Tally and David.
  • Period: to

    Part 3

    Part 3 of 3 (of the book) "INTO THE FIRE"
  • Tally develops a plan

    Tally and David develop a plan to rescue the others. She and David spend lots of time together as they reach New Pretty Town.
  • Tally and David rescue the Smokies

    Tally and David rescue the other citizens from Special Circumstances.
  • Tally is told that Az is dead

    Tally and David are told that David's father is dead due to a experiment that Special Circumstances used him for.
  • Tally finds out Shay has turned pretty

    Tally finds out Shay has gotten the pretty operation.
  • They reach safety

  • Tally is told about the cure

    Maddy (David's mom) tells Tally about the cure. They offer it to Shay, but Shay refuses, thinking she is perfect.
  • Tally decides to give herself up

    Tally decides she must make it up to Shay, David, and the Smoke. To do this, she decides she must become a brainwashed pretty to test the cure.
  • Tally confesses

    Tally confesses to David that she came to The Smoke as a spy. David runs off.
  • Tally's note

    Shay writes a note for Tally giving Maddy the consent to give her the pills once she turns pretty.
  • Tally leaves

    Tally and Shay go back to New Pretty Town so Tally can turn pretty to test the lesions cure.
  • Tally arrives in New Pretty Town

    Tally and Shay arrive in New pretty Town. Tally then demands to a bewildered warden, "I'm Tally Youngblood, make me pretty."