U.S. History timeline

  • Period: to

    French and Indian war

    After the French gained the support of the Native Americans they fought the British over land. This battle lasted 7 years. The first shot was fired by one of Washington's men.
  • Proclomation of 1763

    After the French and Indian war there was the problem of keeping the colonists and Native Americans from killing eachother. George the 3ed decided to draw a boundry and he said "Colonists east Indians West."
  • Stamp Act of 1765

    Colonists required to buy stamps for every peace of paper they used. This set them off, so they forced parlament to repel the law.
  • Boston Massacre

    This fight started with a "Patriot mob throwing any object they could could find, at a squad of British soldiers. 5 colonists killed and 10 ingered.
  • Bosten tea Party

    A group of patriots protesting tea importing granted by Parlament, seized 342 chests of tea in a raid on 3 ships and threw everything overbored.
  • Intolerable Acts

    After the FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR Briten was in a lot of debt. Do to that and the TEA PARTY the King passed a new series of laws that were so harsh that the colonist called them "INTOLERABLE."
  • First Continental Congress

    Some 50 leaders from all 12 colonies met in Philodelpia. They all came because they have one thing in common; they hated TYRANNY. Some believed that they whernt British at all, they thought of themselves as Americans.
  • Secound Continental Congress

    In this time there were BOYCOTTS; if they failed there were MILITA troops called Minutemen because they could get ready in 60 secounds. There leader was George Washington.
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary war

    This war was a bloody Battle that Decided the Colonies fate. Both sides had strangths and weeknesses some more then others. One thing is for certan... Both sides are deturmend to win.
  • Period: to

    Decloration of Independance

    During this time the Secound
  • Period: to

    Decloration of Independance

    During tis time the Secound Continental Congress tried to make peace with Briten but the king had rejected it and called them traitors.
  • Articales of Confederation

    The first written atempt to govern the states. This "League of Friendship" was a very loose union between the Colonies.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The U.S. and Briten signed a treaty in Paris. IN this Treaty Briten had to recognize the U.S. as a Independant Nation. After the war many Loyalists moved up north to British Canada.
  • Northwestrn Ordinance

    This law Divided the Northern teritory into smaller teritories. These teritories had to go through a lot. Inorder to gain privaliges like a legestlator they had have a certan amount of people.
  • Shey's Rebellion

    Money was not worth very much at that time. Farmers took most of the hit because they could not pay off taxes; so they had to sell their farms. Because of this there was an upriseing and congress had to re-think money.
  • Constitutional Convention

    The Great Compromise- C ongress had finaly come to an agreement that there will be 2 houses; House of reps. and a senate. Three-Fifths Compromise- After all th debating on slave rep. in population they decided that each slave would count for 3/5 of a person. Electoral Collage- Congress agreed that neather Congress or the people would chose the Presedent but a group of people called the ElectoralCollage.
  • Constitution

    The Constitution was ratified and now with 2 groups of people, those who agreed with it and those who didn't. Those who agreed called themselves the Federalist; they where led by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Jhon Jay. People who didn't agree with it Called themselves the Anti-Federalists.
  • Bill of rights

    The bill of rights was created to amend the Constitution. To make amends James Madison Shifted through 100 Proposed amendments and picked the ones that seemed the lest likely to cause a conflict and took them to the meeting; Olny 10 of witch where chosen to make the bill of rights.