U.S. history Timeline 1600 to 1877

  • Jamestown founded

    The first permanent english settlement in what is now the united states
  • Virginia house of burgesses

    First form of Representation in colonies
  • mayflower compact

    First written framework of governmeantr in what is now the united states of america. written by puitians and pilgrims to establish government in the colony of plymouth
  • Fundamental orders of conneticut

    The Fundamental Orders were adopted by the Connecticut council on January 24, 1639. The orders describe the government set up by the Connecticut towns, setting its govermental structure
  • The french and indian war.

    The war that was against brittian, and france. Brittian "allied" with the colonies, while France teamed up with their allies, the in dians
  • The french and indian war ends

    The treaty of france of 1763 declared that france won the war between france and britian
  • Currency act

    The Currency Act is the name of several Acts of the Parliament of Britain that regulated any money issued by the colonies
  • Stamp act

    Brittian made a special stamp that to be placed on every doccument or parchment that any of the colonies had. this stamp costed money each time it was on a single sheet of paper, and had to be on every single official doccument that anyone in the colonies owned.
  • Quartering act

    This decleration from england proclaimed that brittish soldiers were allowed to be housed in any of the colonists place of residence, and the soldier housed there would have to be fed, bedded (is that a word? i hope it is) and supported by the residents of the house. Therefore, the soldier who inhabited the house became the leader of the house.
  • Townshend act

    A group of acts, established in 1767 by Chasrles townshend on the Parliament of Great Britain. This act included 5 different acts for the colonies in north america
  • Boston massacre

    The massacre that killled 5 people, when brittish soldiers fired at colonists out of their hatred and violence towards them. Many were wounded in this shooting
  • Tea act

    The tea act was issued by brittian and put a tax on tea imported and exported to america. In retialiation to this act, The Sons of liberty snuxck on brittish ships and threw the tea into the harbor.
  • Coercive acts

    This set of many acts stripped Massachusetts of self-government, triggering outrage and ressistance in the thirteen colonies. This soon led to the Declaration of independance.
  • Battle of lexingon and concord

    British traveled to concord on believed sightings of supplies stored there. Night riders gathered minute men and millitia for the gathering of concord.the cities were early alerted and were ready when the first shots were fired. More reinfrcements arrived at lexington and they fought more there. The colonies lost
  • Decleration of independance

    When the second continental congress was gathered, they wrote a letter to brittian telling them that they decided to be independant. This technicly was the official start of the war, and sparked war in the colonies against brittian
  • writting of the articles of confederation

    This time was the development of a government system in asmerica, during the time of the war. The weaknesses of this government overlapped the strengths of it and didnt last for very long at all.
  • Battle of saratoga

    This was officialy the turning point of the civil war. America was losing fast, yet at the request to a french general, The americas got reinforcements and help from france to win the battle of saratoga. this victory brought hope to the 13 colonies
  • Battle of Yorktown

    French and american soldiers stormed and seiged new york that was controlled by brittian. This battle was the last one and the victorious battle that won the war for independance.
  • The treaty of paris of 1783

    This treaty was hosted in paris and was the proclo mation that made england reacognize that america was an independant body from england