U.S. History

  • Oct 12, 1492

    columbus finds America

    columbus sails from portugal to find a route to the indies but instead finds america
  • 13 origianal colonies

    the 13 colonies were the original settlemnts of the pilgrams that came over from europe to start a new life here. the colonies are
    irginia/Jamestown: 1607
    Massachusetts: 1620
    New Hampshire: 1623
    Maryland: 1632-1634
    Connecticut: 1635
    Rhode Island: 1636
    Delaware: 1638
    North Carolina: 1653
    South Carolina: 1653
    New York: 1664
    New Jersey: 1664
    Pennsylvania: 1682
    Georgia: 1732
  • French/Indian war

    this war was fought between france and england and native american allies. The war was to decide if Britain or France would be the dominate power in north america
  • Boston Tea Party

    The colonists of boston dressed as indians and went to the tea ships and peacefully dumped all of the tea into the boston harbour to protest the tax on tea
  • revolutionary war

    After the Brittish heavily tax the american settlers and give them no representation, the Americans decide to break from England and start a new country
  • writing of the constitution

    After the articals of confederation failed, delegates from each state came together to form a new governement that has been layed out in the Constitution. this is the same documemt that guides our government to this day
  • industrial revolution

    the industrial revolution is the major change to manufacturing and new technologies. the textile industry was one of the major improvemnets. new energies were created as well such as, steam, coal, and water power
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark are sent to explore the newly purchased Louisianna territory to see if they can find the north west passage (a river that extends across the entire country
  • Missouri Compromise

    this compromise granted Missouri to enter the union as a slave state as long as the rest of the Louissianna Purchase north of the 36th parallel was to stay slavery free
  • Bleeding Kansas

    this was an issue involving pro slavery and anti slavery which took place in the Kansas area. the two sides where fighting over whether Kansas would enter the union as a free state or a slave state