Tynisha Keli

  • Early Life

    Early Life
    Tynisha was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the daughter of Timothy Soares and Elisa Soares. She is of Portuguese descent. Keli came from a poverty stricken home and struggled financially for most of her life. She has two brothers, and one sister,Her father was killed when she was barely a year old. She had big responsibilities as a kid. At age of 8 years old, she accepted music into her life in such a major way because it was her only outlet
  • Her Success

    Her Success
    Tynisha Keli Soares (born July 28, 1985), known by her stage name Tynisha Keli, is an American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, who has seen her greatest success in Japan.
  • First Single Was Released

    First Single Was Released
    She is best known for the single "I Wish You Loved Me" which was written by Rico Love and produced by Tha Corna Boyz. The singer's debut album, The Chronicles of Tk, was released in Japan on April 22, 2009.
  • She Made The 100 Charts

    She Made The 100 Charts
    The Chronicles of TK peaked at #12 on the Japanese album charts,[1] and sold 600,000 copies in Japan. The album's second single Shatter'd, reached #4 on Billboard's Japan Hot 100 Charts.[
  • Signed To Warner Bros.

    Signed To Warner Bros.
    Signed to Warner Bros. Records, Keli worked with Kara DioGuardi, who is one of the industry’s most sought-after songwriters and producers. She released the production company and started working with different producers such as Bryan-Michael Cox, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Tha Cornaboyz, Robin Thicke and many more. She recorded her album from 2006 to 2008 which is released in early 2009. The album only released in Japan and debuted at number 12 at Japan Oricon Albums Chart.
  • Group Project

    Group Project
    Gyrlz Society was an American girl group comprising four members: Amy Correa, Melissa Tessmer, Tynisha Keli (formerly Tynisha Soares), and Katy Scanlan. The group released one single, the group's only song "Respect Me", along with a Double "D" Mix, which was produced by Damon Jones in 2002 under MCA Records. Although the single's casing mentioned a self-titled Gyrlz Society album to be released "later this year" (2003), the album was cancelled and the group quickly disbanded.
  • 2nd Album Releast

    2nd Album Releast
    Her second album The 5th Element was released August 17, 2010 in Japan, it debuted at number one on Japan's iTunes, the first single released off the album "Love Hurts" also debuted at number one.
  • The 5th Element

    The 5th Element
    Tynisha has signed an endorsement deal with eye-wear designer K.Michael, and has become one of the faces of the 2010 "Forever K. Michael" Designer Eye-ware Campaign, along with artist like Nappy Roots, Cupid, Donnie Klang, and dance crew Fanny Pak.[16][17] She is expected to go on a multi-city promotional tour with the campaign in the fall.
    Tynisha confirmed on her ustream that she would soon be working on a mixtape containing both covers and original songs. She has decided to call the mixtape