Tyler Washington-Revolutionary War

By lenier
  • Treaty of Paris

    French and Indian War ends after 9 years
  • Stamp ACt passed

    First direct tax on the colonies to pay for British troops
  • Quatering Act

    American colonists must shelter British trroops.
  • The Stamp Act

    Sona of Liberty are formed in secret to oppose the Stamp Act.

    England claims a three penney per pound tax on tea in the colonies.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Tea is dumped into the Boston Harbor to protest taxes.
  • Mark Henry delivers speech

    "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"
  • Paul Revere Ride

    Rides into Boston to warn that the British are coming to destroy the weapons depot.
  • New Contiental Army formed

    George Washington is appointed Commander in Chief.
  • The Declaration of Independence is signed

    The American Revolution begins declaring the colonies free from
  • King George rises to power

    King George becomes King of England