tylepham's TMTT Timeline

  • Sequence 1

    Sequence 1
    As Hitler’s Non-Jewish laws come into effect, Germany is becoming unsafe for Benno and his Jewish family, resulting in Heinz and Benno going to be sent away to Holland.
  • Sequence 2

    Sequence 2
    After leaving their family behind, Heinz and Benno are denied entrance to Holland before escaping Germany to Holland in a different way, and also escaping the Nazis’ persecution.
  • Sequence 3

    Sequence 3
    After successfully escaping from Germany, Benno and Heinz must cope with their new home in a convent, a place where Nuns live, and wait for further news of their parents.
  • Sequence 4

    Sequence 4
    After moving in and out of different living places, Benno and Heinz are moved into England, where they live out their adolescent and young adult lives.
  • Sequence 5

    Sequence 5
    As Benno grows up, gets married and settles away from his hometown, Germany, to Toronto, Canada, he realizes how lucky he was to survive the Holocaust, and what a sacrifice his parents went through to save him from death by the Nazis.