Two door cinema club

Two Door Cinema Club

  • How they Formed

    They got their name from mispronouncing the name of local cinema Tudor Cinema.
  • Members of the band

    Members of the band
    The lead singer of Two Door Cinema Club is Alex Trimble. The bass guitar is played by Kevin Baird, and Sam Halliday is the lead guitar,
  • When Two Door Cinema Club Formed

    This band, Two Door Cinema Club formed in 2007 in Northern Ireland
  • How they met

    This band formed right out of highschool and stuck with eachother through everything. They practiced in their grages and soon formed the band Two Door Cinema Club
  • Two Door Cinema Club's Style

    Two Door Cinema Club is a Electropop/ indie Rock band,
  • Glassnote Records

    The band got a deal in North and South America with Glassnote Records.
  • Released First EP

    Two Door Cinema Club released their first EP in 2008 that was titled "Four Words To Stand On'. This is only available in Ireland
  • 'Something Good Can Work'

    They released their Uk single "Something Good can Work' in 2009. This was one of their most popular songs.
  • Announcing their first Tracks

    Two Door Cinema Club announced their track listing and details of of their debut album with NME and was released in February 2012 in Ireland.
  • Kanye West spoke out about the band

    Kanye West blogged about how much he loved the band Two Door Cinema and their song 'I can talk'
  • Relased Tourist History

    Relased Tourist History
    The band released the album Tourist History and were signed to French Record label Kitsune Music.
  • Lollapalooza Performance 2010

    Lollapalooza Performance 2010
    Two Door Cinema Club performed 'Undercover Martyn', 'Do You Want it All', 'This is The Life', 'Something Good Can Work', 'What You Know', 'I Can Talk', and 'Cigarettes In The Movie Theatre'.
  • Tourist History Album

    Tourist History shot up on the itunes chart as number 30 and maintained number 7 on the alternative spot.
  • Ages of the band members

    All of the band members are 21 years old.
  • Lead Singer Alex Trimble

    Lead Singer Alex Trimble
    Alex Trimble, the lead singer of Two Door Cinema Club, was proud to open up for the 2012 Olympic Ceremony
  • Two Door Cinema CLub's NEW Alubm Beacon

    Two Door Cinema CLub's NEW Alubm Beacon
    Two Door Cinema Club released their NEW album beacon.
  • NEW songs from Beacon

    The beacon Album came out with 11 new songs: Handshake, Next Year, Wakeup, Sun, Someday, Sleep Alone, The World is Watching With Valentines, Settle, Spring, Pyramid, and Beacon.
  • Two Door Cinema CLub's Tour

    Two door CInema Club's sold tickets to their biggest tour
  • Beacon

    The new album Beacon came out on Glassnote
  • 2013 World Tour

    Two Door Cinema Club 2013 tour starts at Newcastle , 02 Academy.