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  • Twenty One Pilots was formed

    Twenty One Pilots was formed
    In 2009, college friends Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih formed the band in their home town of Columbus Ohio. Joseph was inspired to name the band "twenty one pilots" while studying "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller. He found the conflict the man in the story had after directly causing the death of 'twenty one pilots' after knowingly sending faulty parts in World War II. Its that type of moral conflict that Joseph was inspired by. The logo, Joseph said, means something symbolic to him.
  • Self Titled Album

    Self Titled Album
    On December 29th, 2009 the band released their independent, self titled album and started tour in Ohio. They remained a local band, hosting small shows with friends and friends of friends. Slowly climbing up the latter and gaining recognition for their unique sound.
  • Reform

    Around mid 2011, members Thomas and Salih could no longer continue participating due to busy schedules, both posting farewells on the bands facebook page. Around this time is when former live drummer for "house of heros" Josh Dun joined the band officially. Creating the 'new' twenty one pilots.
  • Regional At Beset

    Regional At Beset
    Their second self titled album "Regional At Best" was self-released on July 8th, 2011. This is the first album to come out with the only line up being Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. This album includes a some of the songs that gained them more popularity. Including "Guns for Hands" "Ode to Sleep" and "Car Radio"
  • Fueled By Ramen

    Fueled By Ramen
    In November 2011, twenty one pilots played a sold out show at Columbus' "Newport Music Hall." This attracted the attention of dozens of record labels wanting to pick up the band. Many of the labels fought over the band, but Joseph and Dun decided to sign to the Atlantic Records subsidary, Fueled By Ramen. Shortly after the band sent out two free singles via email newsletter which were titled "House of Gold" and "Two."
  • Beginning of the Vessel era

    Beginning of the Vessel era
    Twenty One Pilots debut album while signed with Fueled By Ramen was released January 8th, 2013 which reached number 45 on the Billboard top 200 number 42 on the Digital Albums chart, number 17 on the Internet Albums chart, number 15 on the Rock Albums Chart and number 10 on the Alternative Albums Chart. Their first radio hit was "holding on to you" which reached 11 on the Billboard Alternative songs chart.
  • Touring With Fall Out Boy

    Touring With Fall Out Boy
    In the middle of May, the popular band Fall Out Boy officially announced Twenty One Pilots would be touring with them. Accompanying them on the "Save Rock and Roll" arena tour that would begin the upcoming Fall.
  • Sometimes Quiet is Violent

    Sometimes Quiet is Violent
    Twenty One Pilots began to break into the mainstream at this point. Being in high demand for larger music festivles including "Lollapalooza," "Bonnaroo," and "Firefly." By blending together a lot of the show requests from different cities and music festivles, the "Quiet is Violent" tour took off and began September of 2014.
  • End of Vessel, starting new

    End of Vessel, starting new
    After a while of inactivity, the band announced their upcoming albut "BlurryFace" with the release of the singles "Fairly Local" "Tear in My Heart" and "Stressed Out" spanned out in the month of April. Each song having a completely different sound but coharent theme. The alterpersonality of "blurryface" who is to represent the insecurities Joseph expeirences, along with anyone else around.

    Officially released two days before the announced release date (March 19th) the track list could be viewed on Itunes. Fans crashed the bands website trying to get pre-orders for the album which had a good amount of hype built up about it through the twitter account "blurryface". On May 19, 2015, the duo performed at the iHeartRadio Theater LA in Burbank, CA to celebrate the album's release