TV Media 1 Timeline

  • Original News Reports

    The date is not accurate, it was only listed as "Early 1700's". Official government bulletins and edicts were circulated at times in some centralized empires.
  • Technology

    Technology and scientific improvemets where great subjecs to news. Even back when newspapers were new, people wrote about scientific improvements and inventions. in modern days there are tons of stories on technological evolutions.
  • The Broadcast Medium

    News reports have been reported in many ways. From offical government reports in the early 1700's, to Newspapers in the mid 1700's. In modern times News is done through video brodcast on tv, video brodcast on the internet and written articles in newspapers and websites.
  • Objectivity and Sensationalism

    Honesty versus biased opinion in news. While most of the news in the begning was very truthful behind done by the government itself. It changed overtime as every day citizens started writting news. Today there is a lot of biased statements instead of telling the truth in media.
  • Ethnicity and Gender

    When news started out it was mostly written by White Males. As the times changed and other races were more accepted it changed. With Woman Right's movements girls also started doing news as well. In modern days any race or gender can do News reports.
  • Covering War and Crisis

    News also covers things such s war and crisis. These are important things civilians wanted to keep us with. Most people only got information about the war from loved ones that wrote to them. This helped give information to te worrying families. Crisis were also written on due to people not knowing about what was going on in other areas or needed information about where to go after a crisis.
  • News Formats

    Written works, internet fourms, video brodcasting on the internet, video brodcasts over television.