turning point in the American revolution

  • French and Indian war

    French and Indian war
    the French and Indian war lasted from 1754 to 1763 and put the British in sever debt
  • proclamation of 1763

    proclamation of 1763
    the proclamation of 1763 was a formal ending to the French Indian war. in the proclamation it was decided that land west of the Appalachian was native reserve this angered the colonist because they wanted to expand.
  • the sugar act

    the sugar act
    the colonist didn't want to be taxed by the British.
  • the stamp act

    the stamp act
    the colonist did not want to be taxed by the British
  • The boston massacre

    The boston massacre
    5 colonist were killed in protest by British soldiers. this was also a turning point for the American revolution
  • boston tea party

    boston tea party
    the liberty boys dressed as native Americans dumped thousands of dollars worth of British tea into the ocean
  • the tea act

    the tea act
    the British taxed the colonist on tea and this angered the colonist
  • intolerable acts

    intolerable acts
    the king imposes an act closing the boston harbor after the boston tea party
  • the olive branch petition

    the olive branch petition
    the olive branch petition was mad for colonist to pledge their loyalty to Britten And was adopted by congress in 1775
  • lexington concord

    lexington concord
    the lexington concord was the first battle of the American revolution