Tunisian Revolution

  • Mohamed Bou­azizi starts the Arab spring

    Mohamed conducts an act of Self immolation by lighting himself on fire in order to protest against the government who mistreated him, in particular the police officer who humiliated him
  • Police attack peaceful ralliers

    these ralliers were protesting the unfair treatment of Mohamed
  • Police kill one, wound ten at rally

    in the city of city of Men­zel Bouzaiene
  • Protests take over capital of Tunis

  • Pres­id­ent Zine el Abid­ine ben Ali sets consequences

    Zine el Abid­ine ben Ali goes on Television to tell the people there will be serious counterattack if protests dont stop
  • Mo­hamed Bou­azizi dies 5,000 + mourn­ers at­tend fu­ner­al

    5,000 + mourn­ers at­tend fu­ner­al
  • Protest spread across country

    Death toll 66
  • Pres­id­ent Zine el Abid­ine ben Ali flees Tunisia

    Pres­id­ent Zine el Abid­ine ben Ali takes flees to Saudi Ar­a­bia, leav­es Prime Min­is­ter Mo­hamed Ghan­nou­chi in control
  • Ben Ali's ruling party is disassembled

  • Protestors try to get rid of any remaining Govt. (Ghan­nou­chi)

  • 100,000 pro­test­ers force Ghan­nou­chi to resign.

    After more than a month of continued rallies and bloodshed
  • hu­man rights act­iv­ist Moncef Mar­zouki is pres­id­ent