Tumwater City Council Nuisance Ordinance

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  • General Government Committee Hearing

    Staff presented an enforcement code outlining the procedures for issuing a nuisance violation.
  • Holder Consulting submits report

    The City of Tumwater contracted with Holler Consulting to prepare a report and suggest possible strategies to address and achieve better enforcement. Report
  • General Government Committee Meeting

    Introduction and discussion of proposed Nuisance Ordinance. Meeting Agenda
  • General Government Committee

    Nuisance Ordinance forwarded to the City Council for consideration. Agenda
  • City Council Meeting

    Nuisance Ordinance introduced, public testimony and council discussion. Ultimately sent back to staff to make minor changes with intention of taking action at following committe meeting.
  • City Council Meeting

    Nuisance Ordinance on Tumwater City Council consent calendar Agenda
  • Period: to

    Community Development Department receives nuisance complaints

    The Community Development Department has been receiving numerous complaints for the past few years regarding nuisances. Enforcement has been difficult because current regulations are slightly vague and are not defined.
  • Period: to

    City processes changed pertaining to steps taken with dangeous buildings