-Tsunami Timetoast

  • (M9) Lisbon, Portugal Earthquake

    An earthquake with a magnitude of 9. The earthquake caused fires and killed about 20,000 people. Tsunami waves that crossed the Atlantic Ocean amplified to heights of 7 m(23 feet) or more in the West Indies
  • Krakatoa Volcano

    Krakatoa volcano in the Sundra Strait between Java and Sumatra caused the top of the volcano to collapse into the ocean. This sudden collapse produced a giant tsunami more than 35 m (~15 ft.) high that destroyed 165 villages and killed more than 36,000 people.
  • (M8.1) Aleutians Earthquake

    the earthquake produced a tsunami in the Haiian Islands that killed about 160 people
  • (M9.5) Chile Earthquake

    the tsunami triggered by the earthquake killed 61 people and it traveled for 15 hours across the pacific ocean
    Earthquake with a magnitude of 9.5
  • Alaska earthquake (M9.2)

    generated a deadly tsunami that killed about 130 people in Alaska and California.
  • (M7.1) Papua New Guinea earthquake

    earthquake triggered a submarine landslide that produced a tsunami that killed more than 2100 people.
  • Sea of Japan

    earthquake in the Sea of Japan caused a tsunami that killed 120 people on Okushir
  • (M 8.1) Samoa

    earthquake generated a tsunami that killed about 200 people.
  • (M 8.8) Chile earthquake

    earthquake generated a tsunami that killed about 700 people in coastal tows.
  • (9.1) Japan Earthquake

    generated a tsunami that killed over 20,000 people