Mayan calendar'

December 21,2012

  • Tornado

    In Mississippi, seven tornados appeared within three hours. Only 3 people were injured and $10 million dollars totaled in damage.
  • Period: to

    Natural Disasters of 2011

  • Flood

    In Australia, massive flooding caused at lease 8 deaths and 72 people missing.
  • Floods and landslides

    In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; hundreds ( about 720) were killed by killed by floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In Indonesia, a volcano name Krakatau erupted. It had forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people; about 20,000 people died.
  • Floods and Lanslides continued...

    In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the death toll rose 381 due to heavy rains.
  • Floods and Lanslides continued...

    Again, in Brazil, more heavy rains have caused the death toll to rise over 500 more innocent people.
  • Mudslide

    In Brazil, a killer mudslide murdered at least 400 people.
  • Tornado

    In eastern Europe a total of three tornadoes landed in Turkey and Greece. The only fatalaties were several cattle and severe damage to industrial structures.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In Japan, the volcano named Kirishima erupted. Some residents were evacuated, trains were cancelled, and roads/highways were closed to do lack of visibility.
  • Earthquake

    The New Zealand Christ Church had an 6.3 earthquake and it killed at least 65 people.
  • Tornados

    Several tornados touched down across the southern United States. There were all injuries.
  • Several Tornados

    At least 30 tornados were reported across the midwest and southern U.S. Only 1 death was acconted for and the rest was injuries.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In Guatemala, the volcano named Santa Maria erupted. The ash created by the eruption landed on surrounding farms.
  • Tornados

    Ten tornados scattered across Lousiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. There was only 1 death. It was the motrher trying to protect her daughter.
  • Tornados

    Twenty tornados spattered across the Florida panhandle, Louisiana, and north Texas, There was no reported deaths.
  • Earthquake and Tsunami

    In Japan, a deadly 8.9 earthquake rattled Japan and then a Tsunami hit its coast. Over 20,000 people died. The worse in Japan history.
  • (21st-23) Tornados

    Fifteen tornados was reported in California, Iowa, Tennesse, and Pennsylvania. No deaths were reported, but there was severe damage.
  • Strong Earthquake

    In Myanmar, a region bordering China, Laos, and Thailand had a 6.8 earthquake; it destroyed many homes and killed many.
  • Strong Earthquake

    In Japan;east of Sendai, Honshu, a 6.1 earthquake came. Soon enough, a tsunami warning was in affect.
  • Tornados (29-30)

    Thirteen tornados was reported across Mississippi and Louisiana. Only seven people were injured at a local festival. The damage exceeded $5 million.
  • Tornados

    Across the southern United States, 46 tornados were accounted for. Nine deaths were recorded, people were trapped in debris, and there was many injuries.
  • Tornado

    In Bangledash, a powerful tornado hit seven districts, killing 12 people and leaving at least 150 injured.
  • Tornados

    In Virgina, Kentucky, Tennesse, and North Carolina, 5 tornados were accounted for. There was 8 injured and severe damage.
  • (9th-11th) Tornados

    In the midwestern United States, there was 34 tornados. At least 14 people were injured.
  • (14th-16th) Tornados

    Across Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania; 162 tornados were accounted for. There was at least 38 deaths and at least 160 injuries.
  • Hailstorm

    In China, a horrific hailstorm rolled in. It killed at least twelve people and left 27 injured.The damage was $7million.
  • (19th-24th) Tornados

    Across the midwest and the Great Plains, a total of 89 tornados was recorded. There was a major exptensive damage and numerous injuries.
  • Tornado

    In Lambert, Missouri, at St.Louis International Airport; a deadly Tornado came. A miracle happened when no one died.
  • (25th-28th) Tornados.

    Over 300 tornados hit the southern United states as well as the midwest and parts of the northesat. They only know of 322 deaths. It is known as the 2011 Super Outbreak.
  • Tropical Storm Aere (Bebeng)

    Aere lasted until May 12th and killed 48 people, along with $31.7 million in damage.
  • Tornados (9th and 10th)

    Roughly 6 tornados hit eastern Nebraska all the way to South Dakota. One of the tornados destryoed a transmisssion tower, but no death or injuries were reported.
  • Tornado

    A deadly tornado struck New Zealand. At least 1 person was killed and at least 20 were injured.
  • (11th-13th) Tornados

    About 22 tornados hit the Four Corners Region and the central plains. Severe damage was done, but no deaths or injuries occurred.
  • Typhoon Songda (Chedeng)

    Songda remained offshore, but caused flooding and at least 17 deaths. $287 million in damage was done.
  • (21st-26th) Tornados

    At least 124 tornados hit Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnisota, and Indiana. At least 160 deaths were reported and more than 1,000 injuries.
  • Tornado

    In Joplin, Missour; a deadly torndao ripped through the town. It was rated an EF5 and more than 130 people dead.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In Iceland, the volcano named Grímsvötn erupted. This eruption was the largest in Iceland in fifty years. There was thousands of livestock and animals were blinded and became sick. There was no reports of any human deaths.
  • Tornados

    At least 3 tornados hit the Sacromento Valley in California.There was no deaths but extensive damages to farms and homes,
  • Forest Fire

    In Wallow, Arizona, a sudden forest fire began. No death was accounted for this day.
  • Tornados

    At least 4 tornoados hit the lower part of the Great Lakes region. There was only widespread damage avoiding fatalities and injuries.
  • Tornados

    At least 6 tornados hit Massachuttes and Maine. There was numerous injuries with only 3 deaths.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In Chile, the volcano named Puyehue-Cordón Caulle erupted. There were no accounted deaths, but over a billion animals have died(horses, goats, fish, etc.)
  • Volcano eruption

    In Chile, the volcano named Puyehue had erupted. The eruption was due to the 100's of earthquakes the days before. Over 600 people were evacuated.
  • Forest Fire continues

    The Wallow forest fire continues to spread and towns had to be evacuated. Over 530,00 acres burned. There was mainly injuries and research only found a few known deaths.
  • Hurricane Adrian

    Adrian lasted until June 12th causing strong winds and widespread rain.
  • Tropical Storm Sarika (Dodong)

    Sarika lasted until June 11th; she killed at least 29 people and caused $248million in damage.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In the southern Red Sea region of Eritea, the volcano Nabro erupted after a series of earthquakes. About 5,000 people were killed and one community was never heard from.
  • (19-21st) Tornados

    At least 48 tornados sprayed down on the central plains of the U.S.There was no reported deaths or injuries.
  • Tornados

    A total of 5 tornados was reported in the Kentucky area with no deaths or injuries.
  • Tornados

    In South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa roughly 7 tornados touched down and extenesive damage was done.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In Indonesia, the volcano named Soputan erupted. A lot of airports were closed due to all the ash and debry.
  • Tornados

    At least 16 tornados tore across the northern planes, mainly in North Dakota. They were mainly in the open, but only few cause home damage.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In Indonesia, a volcano named Lokon erupted causing 5,000 people to evacuate.
  • Severe Tropical Storm Nock-ten (Juaning)

    Nock-ten lasted until July 31st and killed at least 128 people. He left a path of $126 million in damage.
  • Typhoon Muifa (Kabayan)

    Mufia lasted until August 9th. He killed at least 2 people left hundreds to evacuation and saftey centers.
  • Deadly flash floods

    In South Korea, heavy rains have triggered flash floods. Many towns have been evacuated and over 60 deaths accounted for.
  • Tornados

    In Russia a tornado touched the ground for 13 minutes and only killed 1 person, but injuring 28( 4 were hospitalized). The damage went up to $2.9 million.
  • Major Earthquake

    In Vanuatu , a 7.1 earthquake was accounted for.
  • Hurrican Irene

    Irene lasted until August 29t. She killed at least 65 people and caused $10billion in damage.
  • Typhoon Nanmadol (Mina)

    Nanmadol lasted until August 31st; she killed at least 5 people due to landslides and at least 2 fisherman were reported missing after strong winds and waves swept by.
  • Severe Tropical Storm Talas

    Talas lasted until Septmeber 5th and killed at least 78 people. She caused $600 million in damage.
  • Hurricane Katia

    Katia lasted until September 10th/ People worried about her because she was supposed to hit parts of the U.S. and Candada, but she barely did. She only killed 1, but cause major blackouts.
  • Tropical Storm Lee

    Lee lasted until Septmeber 5th, He killed 21 people and cause at least $250million in damage.
  • Hurricane Maria

    Maria lasted until September 16th.There was only heavy rain and gale-forced winds, which was not anticipated.
  • Earthquake

    In the Himalayan region, a 6.9 earthquake erupted. It is known as the 2011 earthqauake or the 2011 Himayalan earthquake. Roughly 124 people were killed. Many homes were lost.
  • Hurricane Ophelia

    Ophelia lasted until October 3rd. She only cause heavy flooding and no deaths.
  • Hurricane Hilary

    Hilary causer rivers to flood. She also cause streets to flood, wiping away peoples cars.
  • Heat wave begins

    In the United Kingdom a drastic heat wave overwhelmed the U.K. The temperatures were in the 90's to 100's (Fahrenheit). This was in autumn and a very unsual occurence. It ended around October 4th.
  • Typhoon Nesat (Pedring)

    Nesat lasted until September 30th, killing at least 7 people were killed. A hospital was flooded and lost power.
  • Volcano Eruption

    In Spain/ Canary islands, the volcano named Hierro erupted. It started erupting from below sea-level.
  • Tropical Storm Twelve-E

    Twelve-E only lasted until the next day, but killed 80 people.
  • Earthquake

    In Indonesia, a 6.1 earthquake was accounted for. At least 50 people were injured.
  • Major earthqauke

    In easter Turkey, a 7.2 earthquake was accounted for. More than 530 people were killed.