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Deadly Tsunamis- Jake Morrow

  • Lisbon Earthquake (Portugal)

    Lisbon Earthquake (Portugal)
    On November 1st, 1755, an earthquake in Lisbon struck. It had a magnitude of 9 and killed an estimated 20,000 people. Fire was created and many buildings collapsed. The Tsunami Waves travelled across the Atlantic Ocean rising to heights of 7m. In the photo, a huge building in a city is collapsed with debris laying throughout the city.
  • Krakatoa Eruption (Java/Sumatra island)

    Krakatoa Eruption (Java/Sumatra island)
    On August 26th, 1883, a volcanic eruption occurred killing more than 36,000. The eruption caused the top of the volcano to collapse into the ocean. The Tsunami waves were over 35m destroying 165 villages. In the photo, there is a huge area of debris piled up on each other leading up to a city.
  • Aleutian Earthquake (Alaska)

    Aleutian Earthquake (Alaska)
    On April 1st, 1946, an earthquake struck Alaska killing about 160 people. The magnitude of the earthquake was 8.1 and it resulted in over $26 million in damage. The tsunami waves were from forty-five feet to one-hundred and thirty feet. In the photo, a long building is mostly destroyed with debris laying in front of the building.
  • Great Chilean Earthquake (Chile)

    Great Chilean Earthquake (Chile)
    On May 23, 1960, an earthquake struck Chile with a magnitude of 9.5. It killed 61 people. The tsunami travelled over 15 hours across the pacific. It is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. In the photo. people are walking on a ruined street. Also, there is a row of ruined homes.
  • Good Friday Earthquake (Alaska)

    Good Friday Earthquake (Alaska)
    On March 27, 1964, an earthquake struck Alaska. It had a magnitude of 9.2 and killed about 130 people. The earthquake occurred at 5:36 pm throughout south-central Alaska. There was a reported $311 million in damage. In the photo, a railroad track is both destroyed and bent with debris laying on top of the track.
  • Hokkaido Earthquake (Japan)

    Hokkaido Earthquake (Japan)
    On July 12th, 1993, an earthquake hit an island part of Japan called Okushiri. It killed 120 people and had a magnitude of 7.8. Unfortunately, a tsunami warning was given 5 minutes after the earthquake but the tsunami hit 2-7 minutes following the earthquake. The photo looks over some of the island showing the destroyed beach with ruined homes. There is also debris laying throughout the beach.
  • Papua New Guinea Quake (Papua New Guinea)

    Papua New Guinea Quake (Papua New Guinea)
    On July 17th, 1998, an earthquake struck Papua New Guinea. It had a magnitude of 7.1 and took more than 2100 lives. The earthquake was triggered a submarine landslide. It left 9500 people homeless. A tsunami soon after with it's waves average 34 feet.
  • Sumatra Earthquake (Indonesia)

    Sumatra Earthquake (Indonesia)
    On December 26th, 2004, an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.1 hit Indonesia. It killed about 230,000 people. Following the earthquake, a series of large tsunamis struck land and were up to 100 feet killing people in 14 different countries. This photo is of many objects destroyed and floating in water including a car.
  • Samoa Earthquake (Samoan Islands)

    Samoa Earthquake (Samoan Islands)
    On September 29th, 2009, an earthquake struck the Samoan islands. It killed 200 people on the islands. It created a 3 inch rise in sea levels near the epicenter. There was 4 reported tsunami waves between 15-20 feet that reached a mile inland. In the photo pictured, a coastline is destroyed with broken walls and trash lying throughout the picture.
  • Chile Earthquake (Chile)

    Chile Earthquake (Chile)
    On February 27th, 2010, an earthquake struck Chile killing 700 people. There was intense shaking that lasted about 3 minutes. A tsunami demolished many coastal towns in south-central Chile. There were warnings in 53 countries. In the photo, a large infrastruce is split in half. The inside of the building is completely destroyed and all of the windows are gone.
  • Tohoku Earthquake (Japan)

    Tohoku Earthquake (Japan)
    On March 11th, 2011, an earthquake hit Tohoku, Japan. The earthquake had a magnitude of 9.1 and killed over 20,000 people. The tsunami following the earthquake caused many nuclear incidents. The earthquake was the most powerful ever recorded in Japan and tsunamis followed the earthquake with waves up to 133 feet. In the photo, there is a sailboat crashed into a building with debris all around the area.
  • Sulawesi Earthquake (Indonesia)

    Sulawesi Earthquake (Indonesia)
    On September 27th, 2018, an earthquake struck an island part of Indonesia called Sulawesi. It had a magnitude of 7.5 and killed at least 2100 people. The earthquake caused major soil liquefaction in some areas. The tsunami hit with waves more than 6 feet. In the photo, water is covering half of the buildings. Debris are floating throughout the city.