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Deadly Tsunamis-Maddie Barker

  • Lisbon Earthquake (Portugal)

    Lisbon Earthquake (Portugal)
    The Lisbon Earthquake had a magnitude of 9, and killed about 20,000 people. Tsunami waves crossed the Atlantic Ocean with heights of 7m or more into the West Indies. The quake was felt through most of Europe. Buildings were destroyed and the city caught on fire due to small fires spreading (shown in picture). People fled to river to board boats where they were met with a Tsunami, and many died. The Great Lisbon Earthquake was the first earthquake scientifically studied to evaluate its effects.
  • Krakatoa Eruption (Java/Sumatra)

    Krakatoa Eruption (Java/Sumatra)
    The Krakatoa Eruption had a VEI or 6.1 and killed about 36,000 people. It caused the top of the volcano to collapse into the ocean and reached heights up to 35m. Many people died due to thermal injury from the blasts, or the tsunamis following the eruption. The eruptions also caused temperatures to drop all over the world. The picture shows Krakatoa erupting before collapsing in the the ocean.
  • Aleutian Earthquake (Alaska)

    Aleutian Earthquake (Alaska)
    The Aleutian Earthquake had a Magnitude of 8.1 and killed about 160 people. The earthquake caused a tsunami. The wave heights reached about 115ft in Alaska and 30ft in Hawaii. The earthquake caused little damage, but the Tsunami destroyed some buildings.The picture shows land that was destroyed after the tsunami crashed, causing great damage.
  • Great Chilean Earthquake (Chile)

    Great Chilean Earthquake (Chile)
    The Great Chilean Earthquake had a Magnitude of 9.5 and killed about 61 people. It traveled for 15 hours across the Pacific Ocean. The earthquake was cause by the subduction of Nazca under the South American Plate. A series of foreshocks came the day before the quake hit. The havoc caused many buildings to be destroyed. The picture shows some of the buildings that collapsed due to the powerful earthquake.
  • Good Friday Earthquake (Alaska)

    Good Friday Earthquake (Alaska)
    The Good Friday Earthquake had a Magnitude of 9.2 and killed about 130 people. This quake is the second highest recorded earthquake. The initial earthquake and underwater landslides caused many tsunamis which caused great damage on the towns of Valdez, Whittier, Sweard, Anchorage, and Kodiak. The picture shows the city of Valdez after the tsunami hit and destroyed the city.
  • Hokkaido Earthquake (Japan)

    Hokkaido Earthquake (Japan)
    The Hokkaido Earthquake had a Magnitude of 7.8 and killed about 120 people. More than half the deaths were due to the tsunami. Many houses and properties were destroyed. The western shore of Okushiri Islands subsided by at least 80 cm. The picture shows buildings on fire and destroyed in Okushiri after the earthquake and tsunami.
  • Papua New Guinea Quake (Papua New Guinea)

    Papua New Guinea Quake (Papua New Guinea)
    The Papua New Guinea Quake had a Magnitude of 7.1 and killed about 2100 people. It triggered a submarine landslide that produced a tsunami. The earthquake occurred along a reverse fault and caused an undersea landslide which caused a tsunami. The tsunami killed many, injured thousands, and destroyed many properties. The picture shows trees falling and the ground breaking after the quake destroyed much land and many buildings.
  • Sumatra Earthquake (Indonesia)

    Sumatra Earthquake (Indonesia)
    The Sumatra earthquake had a Magnitude of 9.1 and killed about 230,000 people. It was an undersea megathrust earthquake which was caused by a rupture along the fault between the Burma and Indian Plates. A series of 100ft high tsunamis sent many houses and buildings underwater and killed/injured many. The picture shows buildings underwaters after the tsunamis crashed and flood many people's homes and other buildings.
  • Samoa Earthquake (Samoan Islands)

    Samoa Earthquake (Samoan Islands)
    The Samoa Earthquake had a Magnitude of 8.1 and killed about 200 people. The earthquake generated a tsunami which caused substantial damage. There was a 3in rise in sea levels near the epicenter. The waves were recorded at 46ft high. The picture shows flooding caused by massive tsunami waves crashing and destroying many buildings.
  • Chile Earthquake (Chile)

    Chile Earthquake (Chile)
    The Chile Earthquake had a Magnitude of 8.8 and killed about 700 people.The earthquake resulted from a rupture of a 300-375 stretch of the fault separating the South American from the Nazca Plate. There were many aftershocks with a magnitude of 5 of higher as a result of the Chile Earthquake. The picture shows the rupture/earthquake causing buildings to split and be destroyed.
  • Tohoku Earthquake (Japan)

    Tohoku Earthquake (Japan)
    The Tohoku Earthquake had a Magnitude of 9.1 and killed about 20,000 people. It was the most powerful earthquake recorded in Japan. The earthquake triggered tsunami waves recorded up to 133ft. The picture shows some of the massive waves from the tsunami that destroyed many buildings in Tohoku.
  • Sulawesi Earthquake (Indonesia)

    Sulawesi Earthquake (Indonesia)
    The Sulawesi Earthquake had a magnitude of 7.5 and killed around 2100 people. A tsunami alert was issued, but called off soon later. A tsunami struck Palu and took many buildings with it. The waves were recorded at 13-23ft. The earthquake caused major soil liquefaction in Palu. The picture shows the soil liquefaction in Palu, Indonesia.