Earthquake (3)

Biggest Earthquakes Ever Recorded

By Ohagafe
  • North America - 9.0

    North America - 9.0
    This earthquake centered somewhere on northwest coast of North America caused a horrific tsunami. Known as the Orphan Tsunami it affected many coastil villages in Japan.
  • Chile - 8.7

    Centered in the city of Valparaiso, 120km northwest of the capital Santiago. It caused a huge tsunami of 16m which hit more than 1000km of the coastline. The earthquake also cause a large amount of damage
  • Portugal - 8.7

    Portugal - 8.7
    The quake centered in the capitol Lisbon, caused a massive tsunami of more than 20 meters engulfing the harbour and downtown area. The tsunami, earthqaukes and many reorted fires destroyed a large portion of the city. One quater of the population was killed.
  • Peru - 9.0

    Peru - 9.0
    A huge earthquake centered just of the coast of Peru, along with the tsunami it created cause a catastrophic amout of damage to the coastal towns. Arica, Arequipa, Chala, Moquegua, Mollendo, and Ilo were the worst affected towns with a tsunami of 15m repoted in Arica and Chala. The tsunami reached as far as California, Hawaii, Yokohama, the Philippines, Sydney, and New Zealand. The quake wa felt up to 900 km away. The earthquake also cause a lot of damage.
  • Ecuador - 8.8

    This quake was centered of the coast of Ecuador and Columbia. The earthquake created a staggering 25m (highest rcorded hight) tsunami that struk the coast; killing moe than 1500 people and destoying many homes. The earthquake also caused extensive damage.
  • Russia - 9.0

    Russia - 9.0
    Centered of the coast of Kamchatka peninsula caused pacific wide tsunamis, the most devastating hitting the Hawaiian Islands. Many boats, houses, roads, fences etc but no lives were lost. The damage cost was estimated between 800,000 adn 1,000,000. Damage was also reported in Kamchatka peninsula but no lives were lost,
  • Chile - 9.5 carry on

    Chile - 9.5 carry on
    With all of the factors (tsunami (reaching a hight of 25m), landslides, floods etc) killed 6000 people and left 2,000,000 homeless. In Valdiva alone 40% of the houses were destroyed leaving 20,000 homeless, Many fires broke out in the city as well.
  • Chile- 9.5

    Chile- 9.5
    The worst earthquake ever recorded in history was centred in Valdivia. It created a tsunami that completly destroyed coastal villages leaving nothing behind, one witness said "my village just disapeared; its gone. Apart from the tsunami the earthquake caused landslides, liquifaction, mega floods and even a volcanic fissure to erupt. The tsunami also affected Chile, Hawaii, Japan (killing 138 people), the Philippines, eastern New Zealand, south east Australia and the Aleutian Islands.
  • Alaska - 9.2

    Alaska - 9.2
    This devastating four minute long earthquake also know as the "Great Alaskan Earthquake" is the most powerful earthquake recorded in the U.S. history. Centered in Anchorage it caused tsunamis (reaching a hight of 20m), liquifaction, landslides, ground fissures and a huge amount of building to collapse. Most coastal towns in the Prince William Sound, Kenai Peninsula, and Kodiak Island areas, especially the major ports of Seward, Whittier and Kodiak were heavily damaged.
  • Alaska - 9.2 carry on

    Alaska - 9.2 carry on
    Towns in Canada and California were also reported to have sustained damage. The last recored death toll was at 113. The estimated cost of the repair of all affected areas was $2.15 billion USD. <a href='http://<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>' >Aftermath of the Great Alaskan Earthquake</a>
  • Alaska - 8.7

    Alaska - 8.7
    Just a year after the Great Alaskan Earthquake in Anchorage another struck of Rat island. Fortunatly this earthquake (and the 10m tsunami that it created) caused very little damage (about $10,000USD) and killed no one. The tsunami was observed in Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, California, Japan and eastern Russia.
  • Indonesia - 9.1

    Indonesia - 9.1
    Centered 160km of the coast of Sumartra this huge earthquke caused a mega tsunami (reaching 30m). This tsunami was the worst recorded in histroy killing 220,000 in Indonesia alone (worst affected area). The tsunami also hit Sri Lanka (killing 35,322), India (killing 12,305), Thailand (killing 5,395), Somalia (killing 78), Burma (killing 61), Maldives (killing 82), Malaysia (killing 68) and Tanzania (killing 100)
  • Indonesia - 9.1 carry on

    Indonesia - 9.1 carry on
    In total 184,167 were confirmed dead, 230,210 estimated dead, 125,000 injured, 45,752 missing and 1,600,000 people left homeless. This tsunami was so devastating because of the lack of warning systems; people were taken completely by surprise.
  • Chile - 8.8

    Chile - 8.8
    Centred 400km south-west of the capital Santiago near a place called Maule. It was felt strongly in six Chilean regions (from Valparaíso in the north to Araucanía in the south), that together make up about 80 percent of the country's population. The earthqauke caused large devistation and destruction. The earthquake also created a 3m tsunami which caused furthur devistaton. Around 4,500 people were killed.