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Deadliest Tsunamis - Muhson Ishfaq

  • Lisbon Earthquake (Portugal)

    Lisbon Earthquake (Portugal)
    The magnitude of the earthquake was about 9 and the death toll was 20,000. The tsunami waves grew to heights of 7 meters! Also, much of the city was on fire from candles and cooking fires. The photo includes a painting where waves pull wreckage and debris away from the town. Also, fire and smoke can be seen taking down the city as well.
  • Krakatoa Eruption (Java/Sumatra)

    Krakatoa Eruption (Java/Sumatra)
    With a VEI of 6, the eruption took approximately 36,000 lives. The eruption also generated the loudest sound ever reported in history. It was heard from 3000 miles away. The name Krakatoa also refers to the islands around the volcano. The drawing shows the shallow volcano spewing lava from a distance. A huge ash clouds strings to the sky as well.
  • Aleutian Earthquake (Alaska)

    Aleutian Earthquake (Alaska)
    With a magnitude of 8.1 and a death toll of 160, the Aleutian Earthquake wreaked havoc. The tsunami struck approximately 5 hours after the earthquake. The tsunami also destroyed the Scotch Cap Lighthouse. The black and white image shows slight water damage with people fleeing.
  • Great Chilean Earthquake (Chile)

    Great Chilean Earthquake (Chile)
    The Chilean earthquake was insane with a magnitude of 9.5 yet only a death toll of 61. Valdivia was the most affected city. It was also the most powerful earthquake to ever strike Chile. The photo shows extreme devastation, absolutely nothing is standing after this earthquake. There are just boards of woods on the ground everywhere.
  • Good Friday Earthquake (Alaska)

    Good Friday Earthquake (Alaska)
    This Alaskan earthquake had a magnitude of 9.2 and a death toll of 130 people. The tallest tsunami was over 200 feet! The damage also totaled around $300 million, which would be worth around $2.3 billion dollars today! The photo shows a tilted building just covered by debris.
  • Hokkaido Earthquake (Japan)

    Hokkaido Earthquake (Japan)
    The Hokkaido earthquake had a magnitude of 7.8 with a death toll of 120. The damage led to an overhaul of sea defenses to improve systems. There were two shocks, the first one lasting 20 seconds. The picture shows a sunken hole and the road has fallen through. Another photo shows nothing left of a house except the roof.
  • Papua New Guinea Quake (Papua New Guinea)

    Papua New Guinea Quake (Papua New Guinea)
    The Papua New Guinea Quake took approximately 1200 lives and had a magnitude of 7.1 This earthquake was a shock as there was another one earlier in the same month. There were also 3 distinct waves of tsunamis. The photo shows a wave completely overshadowing the city as it is about to strike. The tsunami is extreme in heights and going to destroy the city.
  • Sumatra Earthquake (Indonesia)

    Sumatra Earthquake (Indonesia)
    The Sumatra Earthquake had a magnitude of 9.1 and a death toll of 230,000. The earthquake displaced an enourmous amount of water. Also, no tsunami warning systems were in place so the tsunami came by surprise. The picture shows complete destruction and debris everywhere. A man is also sitting and the debris and hiding his face. He seems absolutely devastated.
  • Samoa Earthquake (Samoan Islands)

    Samoa Earthquake (Samoan Islands)
    The Samoa earthquake struck with a magnitude of 8.1 and a death toll of 200. The peak wave height was 3.14 meters. The waves completely flattened coastal villages. The photo shows two men by the beach searching through the debris or just looking at the total damage caused.
  • Chile Earthquake (Chile)

    Chile Earthquake (Chile)
    The Chile earthquake had a magnitude of 8.8 with a death toll of 700. The government had to impose night-time curfews to encourage safety. Surprisingly, 89% of clients still had electricity after the massive tsunami. The interesting photo shows what seems like an apartment building completely split in half.
  • Tohoku Earthquake (Japan)

    Tohoku Earthquake (Japan)
    This massive tsuname took 20,000 lives and had a magnitude of 9.1. The tsunami caused a cooling system failure at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. People also received warnings a minute before the earthquake and tsunami due to Japan's great detection systems. The photo shows fire and smoke in the back. There also seems to be a large boat in the middle of destroyed homes.
  • Sulawesi Earthquake (Indonesia)

    Sulawesi Earthquake (Indonesia)
    This Indonesian earthquake had a magnitude of 7.5 and took 2,256 lives. Earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 6 occur yearly in Indonesia. Also, 9 significant earthquakes have hit Indonesia in 2018. The picture shows 3 people walking with a large wooden board while to water level is at their ankles.