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Deadly Tsunamis - Thomas Curry

  • Lisbon Earthquake (Portugal)

    Lisbon Earthquake (Portugal)
    Magnitude of the earthquake was approximately 9.0. This triggered a tsunami that reached heights of 23 feet high throughout the Atlantic Ocean. The tsunami, earthquake and fire from the whole incident led to a total of over 20,000 people. The tsunami happned to occur on All Saints' Day, a holy day of obligation in Portugal at the time.
  • Krakatoa Eruption (Java/Sumatra)

    Krakatoa Eruption (Java/Sumatra)
    Not an earthquake, but a volcanic eruption that triggered a tsunami. Because of this, 5there was no recorded or approximated magnitude. However, the volcanic explosion that happened in the Sundra Strait caused the volcano to collapse and start a 115 foot tsunami wave that wiped out 165 villages and 36,000 in its path. The result was much of the Dutch East Indies archipelago being destroyed.
  • Aleutian Earthquake (Alaska)

    Aleutian Earthquake (Alaska)
    The Aleutian Earthquake was a magnitude 8.1 earthquake that triggered a tsunami in Hawaii. The earthquake's epicenter was in the Aleutan Islands in Alaska and the tsunami quickly traveled to the Hawaiian Islands. The tsunami resulted in 160 casualties. Witin the chain of 14 islands, all 5 lighthouse keepers at the sight of the tsunami died.
  • Great Chilean Earthquake (Chile)

    Great Chilean Earthquake (Chile)
    The Great Chilean Earthquake was a South American Earthquake that triggered yet another tsunami on the Hawaiian islands. The wave traveled across the Pacific Ocean for 15 hours before hitting the coastline, and claimed the lives of 61 people in the area. The magnitude of the earthquake was 9.5, and did not actually affect any South American country. This earthquake is the strongest one ever to be recorded and lasted about 10 minutes.
  • Good Friday Earthquake (Alaska)

    Good Friday Earthquake (Alaska)
    The Good Friday Earthquake of 1964 was an Alaskan earthquake that reached a magnitude of 9.2 in Alaska. This generated a tsunami that hit the Pacific coast from Alaska to California. The tsunami killed 130 in both Alaska and California. The majority of the Alaskan coast was affected by the tsunami, and a majority of deaths came from Alaska.
  • Hokkaido Earthquake (Japan)

    Hokkaido Earthquake (Japan)
    The Hokkaido Earthquake of 1993 was an earthquake of magnitude of 7.8 that hit Okushiri, Japan and triggered a tsunami. The tsunami and earthquake combined killed 120 people. Deaths from this earthquake and tsunami reached all the way out to Southeast Russia.
  • Paupa New Guinea Quake (Paupa New Guinea)

    Paupa New Guinea Quake (Paupa New Guinea)
    The Paupa New Guinea tsunami happened in 1998 on the coast of Paupa New Guinea as the result of a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. The result of the disaster resulted in 2100 deaths. What caused this tsunami, despite the smaller magnitude from other earthquakes that cause tsunamis, was the undersea landslide that triggered the tsunami.
  • Sumatra Earthquake (Indonesia)

    Sumatra Earthquake (Indonesia)
    The Sumatra Earthquake was a magnitude 9.1 earthquake whose epicenter was on the coast of Indonesia. The earthquake triggered a tsunami across the Indian Ocean that killed over 230,000 people and hit several countries such as India. Not only is this the deadliest series of tsunamis ever recorded, but this is also one of the deadliest natural disasters recorded in history.
  • Samoa Earthquake (Samoan Islands)

    Samoa Earthquake (Samoan Islands)
    The Samoan Earthquake was a magnitude 8.1 earthquake that triggered a tsunami that killed 200 people of the coast of the Samoan Islands. Large waves were reported in other countries as far out as New Zealand and the Cook Islands, although the tsunami did not directly affect these countries.
  • Chile Earthquake (Chile)

    Chile Earthquake (Chile)
    The Chile Earthquake was an earthquake that affected both Chile and Peru in 2010 with a magnitude of 8.8, triggering a tsunami that hit the coast of both countries. As a result, 700 died or went missing. Historically, this is the fifth largest earthquake to be recorded by a seismograph.
  • Tohoku Earthquake (Japan)

    Tohoku Earthquake (Japan)
    The Tohoku Earthquake was a magnitude 9.1 earthquake that mainly affected the Pacific coast of Japan and triggered a massive tsunami. The earthquake combined with the tsunami claimed the lives of over 20,000 locals. The tsunami farther worsened matters for Japan by being a catalyst for the nuclear meltdowns that forced thousands of evacuations across the country.