Colton Reed Honors Project: Part 2 Lithosphere

  • The Cape Ann Earthquake

    This earthquake occured in Cape Ann, Massachusetts however it affected areas all the way down into Maryland. This earthquake had a magnitude of 6.0 and caused lots of brivks and chimneys to fall down. However, geologically this earthquake had a major impact. It caused some major cracks to open in the earth as well as out at sea. Some people that had been in ships during the time of this earthquake said that thought the ship had run aground due to the shift in the earth and the cracks casued.
  • Formation of the Fall Zone (Picture URL):

    Formation of the Fall Zone (Picture URL):
    The fall zone strecthes from about New Jersey to Texas. It was formed between "250-450" million years ago. Towards the Southern Atlantic States, the fall zone is used to sort of mark the area and boundary between the sedimentary rocks in the Coastal Plain and the metamorphic rocks in the Piedmont area. Meaning that the formation pretty much happened over time and was caused by the rivers and rapids(such as the Nuese River) which sperates these two different types of rocks in certain areas.
  • Charleston South Carolina Earthquake

    It was the most damaging earthquake in the Southeastern United States ever. Besides being a 7.3 magnitude and intensity x earthquake that destroyed and brought down many buildings and houses, it also effected the area and surrounding areas geologically. This earthquake caused the formation of sand craterlets which means sand was ejected and thrown out from the ground.This caused lots of land to become covered with sand and cracks to form and widen near the Ashley River.
  • Formation of Valleys:Formed a long time ago but different valleys at different times so no exact time(Picture URL):

    Formation of Valleys:Formed a long time ago but different valleys at different times so no exact time(Picture URL):
    Valleys are carved out or "hollow" places between mountains or hills. They usually slant down towards a lake or ocean and lots of times even have rivers that run through them. Valleys were fromed a couple different ways. The valleys that are more of a v shape were mainly formed by rivers and erosion clear out a spot between the hills and mountains. However, the valleys that are more u shaped were fromed by glaciers that traveled through and cleared out(boulders,etc.) the area making the valleys.
  • Formation of the Appalachian Mountains (Picture URL):

    Formation of the Appalachian Mountains (Picture URL):
    The Appalachian Mountains were formed during the Paleozoic Era(about "480 million years ago") when there were very strong and high pressures that started to buckle the rock beds of sedimentary rocks. These rock beds of sedimentary rocks then were pushed upward which caused the formation of the Appalachian Mountains. So in the big picture there was a big collision between continental plates of North America and North Africa.
  • Formation of Barrier Islands (Picture URL):

    Formation of Barrier Islands (Picture URL):
    Most of the barrier islands formed less than 7,000 years ago. There is not necessarily a certain completely proven way fro how they came about. There are pretty much three different theories describing their formation. First it is said that waves would carry sand towards the shore and it would begin to pile up forming sandbars and then this would lead to them continuing to be built up over sea level, forming barrier islands. Secondly, these sort of sandbars were attached to the land.(Broke off)
  • Hurricane Camille Landslides

    These lanslides occured throughout 1969 in central Virginia. These landslides were a result of Hurricane Camille. Due to the debris and lots of flooding caused by the hurricane, this caused landslides to occur. The water left over begin to pick up the debris left over from the hurricane and destroyed human and non-human made structures. Because of all the water, lots of erosion of nearby land and rock forms were partially destroyed. Also lots of rock frgaments were transported to other places.
  • Shorelines Can constantly change and from different /more shorelines:(Picture URL):

    Shorelines  Can constantly change and from different /more shorelines:(Picture URL):
    Shorelines are formed when sediments and particles such as sand or gravel. These shorlines form when erosion of things in the water takes place such as coral reefs or other big formations. The sediments and particles from these formations in the water that have eroded then wash up towards the land and start to pile up and become more compact. This causes a shoreline to form because of the water currents bringing the particles towards the shore to form sort of a line along along the edge.(6m.y.a)
  • Madison County, Virginia Landslide

    This landslide occured in the summer of 1995. This landslide happened after there had been about 16 hours of a very intense rainfall in this area. All the rain caused the rivers and streams to flood and overflow along the mountains which picked up lots of debris. Besides destroying lots of trees, buildings, ect. the landslide picked up lots of rock fragments which caused erosion of physical features in the area inclusing the mountains. The landslides carried these fragments throughout big areas.
  • The Pymatuning Earthquake

    This earthquake occured in Pennsylvania. It had a magnitude of 5.2 and caused approximately 120 wells to become dry. This earthquake happend in a lake region so it affects had to do mostly with the water sources around it. This earthquake caused lots of surrounding lakes and ponds to have a rise in their water level which caused some minor flooding. This also affected the rivers, lakes, and ponds by contaminating some of the water and making it dirty as well as casuing cracks near/in the water.
  • Formation of N.C. River Basins:Roughly "2 million years ago" to closer to present day:(Picture URL):

    Formation of N.C. River Basins:Roughly "2 million years ago" to closer to present day:(Picture URL):
    The N.C. river basins form just like any river basin. A river basin is the part of land which is drained by a river.A river basin's job is to send all the water that falls, etc. on its land to a large river which then carries it out to sea. These basins form where the land is getting more water falling(rain) than the amount of water that is evaporating. So, it must drain the water so it sends water flowing down to a main river. It will make its own path and erode rocks and land as it flows.
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