Savannah's Life

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born in Oswego Hospital. I am now 13 years old. My birthday is the same day as Usher's. I only had 1 sister then, but now I also have 2 brothers.
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    A Life Of Savannah

  • Columbine murders in Littleton,Colorado

    Columbine murders in Littleton,Colorado
    Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were the two murderers.They killed 12 students and 1 teacher.They began planning this re since April,1998.Eric and Dylan carried duffle bags into the cafeteria filled with 20 pound bombs.This threat lasted 47 minutes.
  • Oklamhoma Tornado Outbreak

    Oklamhoma Tornado Outbreak
    The F5 tornado came into Moore,Oklahoma.This tornado killed 38 people. It was the strongest tornado ever recorded in world history. The tornado lasted for 3 days.It had a total of 66-74 tornadoes.
  • Kenya Airways Flight 431

    Kenya Airways Flight 431
    This was off the coast of Coted Icoire in the Atlantic Ocean. It has killed over 160 people. This flight crashed at 9:09am. 179 people were on board,10 of them employees.It ways the first fatal accident for Kenya Airways.
  • The Billionth Living person in India is born

    The Billionth Living person in India is born
    It was a baby girl that was born in Delhi Hospital. Her parents named her Astha. She was born at 12:32pm. Almost 42,000 children are born in India every day.She was born to a poor Delhi couple.
  • Earthquake hits India.

    Earthquake hits India.
    Tjis earthquake killed more than 12,000 people. It registered 7.9 on the Ricter scale. It was the seconf largest earthquake in India.The earthquake struck at 8:46am.It was located 80 kilometers NorthEast of Bhuj.
  • The 9/11

    The 9/11
    Almost 3,000 people were killed in this event. This was located in New York CIty,Arlington,and Pennsylvania.American Airlines Flight 77 crashed in to the Pentagon. American Airlines Flight 11 and 175 crashed into the twin towers.United Airlines Flight 93 crasged into the grasslands in Skanksville,Pennsylvania.
  • George Harrison Dies

    George Harrison Dies
    George Harrison was the lead guitarist for The Beatles. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. He past at age 58.George was often reffered to "the quiet beatle". He embraced Indian culture and Hinduism in the mid-1960's.
  • Antarctic Larsen Ice Shelf begins disintegrating

    Antarctic Larsen Ice Shelf begins disintegrating
    It consumed about 3,250 km.This lasted over 35 days. THe shelf was about 68 degrees fahrenheit. The Larsen Ice Shelf is a series of three shelves that occupy distinct embayments along the coast.Larsen A ice shelf disintegrated in January 1995,the Larsen B ice shelf disintegrated in February 2002,while the Larsen C ice shelf appears to be stable for the time being.
  • East Signal Recieved From Nasa's Pioneer 10

    East Signal Recieved From Nasa's Pioneer 10
    This was located 7.5 billion miles from Earth. There was a 258 kilogram robotic space probe. It was launched March,2,1972. It was lost because of power constraints. It was assembled around a hexagonl bus.
  • Staten Island Ferry Crashes

    Staten Island Ferry Crashes
    This killed 11 people. Ir slammed into the pier at full speed. The Ferry operated in New York CIty. It ran between Manhatten and Staten Island. It crashed at around 3:21pm;
  • Hurricane Charley

    Hurricane Charley
    This hurricane killed 27 people in Florida. It also killed 4 in Cuba and 1 in Jamaica. It was the most intense hurricane to strike the U.S. It became a category 4 hurricane. It was also the movt devistating.
  • Landlide Occurs

    Landlide Occurs
    It occured in Nagaoka. I t killed 68 people. It injured 4,085 people. On top of that,it also left about 103,000 people to be homeless.
  • Taipei 101 officially opens

    Taipei 101 officially opens
    This is the tallest skyscraper in th world. It stands at 1,670 feet high. It has 101 floors with 5 floors underground. This is used to also symbolize tehnology and Asian tradition. It's designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    It dissipated on August,30,2005. It had 1,833 fatalities. It cost 108 billion dollars in damages. The wind was 175 miles an hour. It was a catergory 5 hurricane.
  • Pulkovo Airlines Flight 612 Crashes

    Pulkovo Airlines Flight 612 Crashes
    It was located near the Russian border. It killed 171 people. That included 45 children. The airline attempted to navigate through clouds. They took an uncontrollable spin and could not recover.
  • Oil Pipeline Explodes

    Oil Pipeline Explodes
    It was located in Nigeria's commercial capital.(Lagos) I t killed at least 200 people. Nigeria is the most populous country.The population is 140 million.
  • Underground Ocean Found in Asia

    Underground Ocean Found in Asia
    It was 400-800 miles beneath the surface.It was discovered by Michael Wysession and Jessie Lawrence. The ocean runs from Indonesia to Russia. It was suggested that it's volcanic.
  • Mississippi Bridge Collapsed

    Mississippi Bridge Collapsed
    This bridge was officially known as Bridge 9340.It killed 13 people. The collapse injured 145 others. It was the 5th bussiest bridge. It carried 140,ooo veichles a day.
  • Dinosaur Mummy Found

    Dinosaur Mummy Found
    It was 67 million years old. They named the mummy Dakota. The mummy included preserved tundons and ligements. There was complete intact around the tail,arms,and legs.
  • Brown Pelican Off Endangered List

    Brown Pelican Off Endangered List
    It was blamed partially on the pesticide DDT. They declared it endangered in 1970. The bird is the symbol of the state's branches. Now 620,000 brown pelicans survive in the western hemisphere.
  • New Bird Flu Detected in Nigeria

    New Bird Flu Detected in Nigeria
    It was newly discovered as Virus Strain HSNI. It is genetically different from strains that were in Nigeria before. It has never been reported in Africa. It's inlikely that wild birds would fly to Africa.
  • F40 Responds To Emergency In Peru

    F40 Responds To Emergency In Peru
    Peru office provided 36,800 doses of medicine.It helped animals who were suffering from the cold. They treated animals that have no home.The intervention helped by 50%. They are asking donors for emergency funds.
  • Longest Solar Eclipse

    Longest Solar Eclipse
    It last for 6 minutes and 39 seconds.It covered parts of Asia and Tthe Pacific Ocean.It was the longest in the 21st century. It caught tourists interests in China,Nepel,and India. The diameter was 8%larger the the sun.
  • Explosion occurs at the Deep Water Horizon oil rig

    Explosion occurs at the Deep Water Horizon oil rig
    The explosion killed 11 workers. The rig sank two days after the explosion. It iniated a massive off shore oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico. The spill is now condidered the largest in U.S. history. There was an estimated 12,000 to 19,000 barrels of oil spilled a day.
  • Falcon 9 launches it's second flight

    Falcon 9 launches it's second flight
    The Falcon 9 was manufactured by by SpaceX.The costs per launch were $49.9 million and $56 million dollars. The height of the Falcon 9 54.3 m. It launched from Cape Canaveral. The Falcon 9's first launch was June 4, 2010.
  • 9.1 Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami hit the East of Japan

    9.1 Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami hit the East of Japan
    The earthquake and tsunami killed 15, 822 people. It left 3,926 people still missing. Tsunami warnings were issued in 50 counteries and territories. There were emergencies declared at foru nuclear power plants that were affected by the quake. There was worry of a possible melt down at the plant's number one reactor.
  • India and Bangladesh sign pact to end 40 year border democration dispute

    India and Bangladesh sign pact to end 40 year border democration dispute
    The signing included 51,000 people spread over 111 Indian enclaves, in Bangladesh, and 51,000 Bangladesh enclaves in India. The total land involved was 7,000 acres. The pact stated people could continue living where they were, or choose to move to a country of their choice. It was stated a Transit Agreement was not in the cards. The pact was signed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and his Bangladeshi counterpart, Sheikh Hasina