Tsunami Time Line

  • Lisbon tsunami

    Earthquake in lisbon caused a 7m tsunami in the west indies killing more than 20000 people.
  • krakatoa volcano

    collapse of park of the krakatoa volcano caused a 35m tsunami killing more than 36000 people
  • aleutians

    produced a tsunami that hit hawii and killed 160 people.
  • chile

    chile earthquake that triggered a tsunami killing 61 people in hawii
  • alaska

    tsuna i that killed 130 people in alaska and california.
  • sea of japan

    killed over 120 people on okushiri island
  • papa new quinea

    submarine landslide that caused a tsunami killing over 2100 people
  • sumatra

    killed over 230000 people in indonisia
  • samoa

    killed about 200 people in samoa
  • chile

    killed around 700 people along the coast
  • japan

    killed over 20000 people