Trojan Power Plant

  • Trojan Power Plant Began Opperation

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    Trojan Timeline

  • Premature Cracking Began

    In 1978, the plant was closed for nine months while modifications were made to improve its resistance to earthquakes. The Trojan steam generators began having problems four years before anyone noticed premature cracking of the steam tubes.
    note- the exact date is not accurate, just the year.
  • Further Building of Nuclear Power Plants Banned in the State of Oregon

    In the 1980 Oregon election, a ballot measure to ban construction of further nuclear power plants in the state without federally approved waste facilities was approved by the voters
    note- exact date is not availible
  • First Ballot Measure to Close Trojan

    In 1986 35% of Oregon residents voted yes to close Trojan and 64% voted no.
  • 1990-92 Ballot Measures

    Oregon residents voted two more times to keep Trojan Power Plant opperating.
  • PGE Spends 4.5K

    In 1992 Portland General Electric spent $4.5 million to defeat ballot measures seeking to close Trojan.
  • Opperators disclose that Trojan is unsafe to opperate

    January 1993 chief plant engineer David Fancher, acting as spokesman for PGE, announced the company would not try to restart Trojan.
  • Unhinging Trojan

    In 2005 the reactor and other radioactive equipment were removed from Trojan and transported along the Columbia to Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington. It was buried in a 45-foot-deep pit, making it the first reactor to be moved and buried whole.
  • Demolishing For Good

    The iconic cooling tower was demolished by a dynamite implosion on May 21, 2006. It was the first implosion of a cooling tower at a nuclear plant in the United States.
  • Continuing to Clean Up

    Demolition work was continued on the 3 remaining structures on the Trojan site through 2008. Nuclear waste is still present on the Trojan site and it is expected that finishing demolition of the plant will cost approximately Oregon tax payers $230,000,000.