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Treaty of Versailles-Germany's invasion of Poland

By Vicowe
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
  • Makoto Saito is appointed governor of Korea

  • Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister(Great Britian)

  • Band-Aid's invented

    United States, Earle Dickson
  • Hair Dryer is Invented

    German Inventions
  • Unemployment Insurance introduced(Great Britian)

  • Medical Research Council formed

  • Partition of Ireland

  • "Bloody Sunday"

    12 Irish killed
  • UKraine is annexed to the Soviet Union

  • Period: to

    German inflation

  • It is decided Germany must pay 269 billion Goldmarks

    And, 12% of the value of German exports for 42 years. Germany was excluded from this meeting.
  • Peasant riots and worker strikes spread in the Soviet Union

    Soviet Union 2
  • France occupies parts of the Ruhr areas of Germany.

  • Famous race horse, Man O' War retired to stud

  • Sir James Craig elected first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland

  • Guccio Gucci opens a boutique of fashion design in Firenze

  • Lenin enacts the New Economic Policy (NEP)

    Soviet Union Economic 1
  • The German reparations are newly fixed to 132 Billion Goldmarks,

  • Germany agrees fully to the conditions.

  • Duke of Edinburgh born

  • Persecuted by the authorities, the poet Blok dies

    Soviet Union Social
  • Germany and US make their own peace treaty

    As US had not signed the Treaty Of Versallies
  • Banting and MacLeod isolate human insulin

  • The Socialists organize a general strike

  • The Japanese Communist Party is founded

  • Mussolini, leader of the Fascist party, seizes power in Italy

  • Wembley Stadium built

  • German cancellor Cuno declares "passive resistance".

    German workers clash with occupation troops
  • The US withdraws their troops from the still occupied areas of Germany.

  • Munich Putsch by Hitler fails

  • Poland regains Galicia

  • Italian fashion shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo moves to Hollywood

  • Warren G. Harding dies from heart attack

  • The great Kanto earthquake devastates Tokyo

  • Adolf Hitler proclaims a Nazi revolution.

  • The Soviet Union adopts a constitution based on the dictatorship of the proletariat

    Sovient Union 1
  • Lenin dies and is succeeded by Joseph Stalin,

  • congress of the Community Party accepts Stalin's "communist in one country" policy

  • Founding of Imperial Airways

  • Mussolini's Fascist Party wins national elections

  • First royal transmission by wireless

  • A treaty confirms Mongolia into the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union

  • The US Congress approves the Exclusion Act, that prohibits further immigration from Japan

  • First commercial diesel-electric trains begin service. US

  • First female as a state governor is Nellie Taylor Ross

  • Plaid Cymru founded with aim of protecting the Welsh language

  • National Book League founded

    Great Britian
  • Japan introduces universal male suffrage,

  • The poet Esenin commits suicide

    Soviet Union social 3
  • Komei dies

  • Wakatsuki of the Kenseikai/Minseito party takes control

  • Office of Secretary of State for Scotland institute

  • Queen Elizabeth II born

  • Germany enters the League of Nations

  • Kool Aid Is invited

    Edwin perkins, United States
  • Britain breaks off diplomatic relations with USSR

  • The Soviet Union establishes the State University of Circus and Variety Arts

  • Collapse of the Japanesse banking system

  • There are 4 million Italians in the USA

  • Women over 21 given vote(Great Britian)

  • A-Z First Scientific Pregnancy test discovery(Germany)

    Germany invention
  • Umberto Nobile's dirigible flies over the North Pole

  • Umberto Nobile's dirigible flies over the North Pole

  • Stalin enacts the first Five-Year Plan for rapid industrialization of the Soviet Union

  • US Great Depression Begins

  • Herbert C. Hoover becomes 31st President.

  • St. Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago by rival bootleggers.

  • Television is demonstrated by Vladimir K. Zworykin.

  • The Young Plan

  • Hamaguchi of Minseito becomes prime minister

  • Leon Bronstein (Lev Trotsky), who opposes Stalin, is deported to Turkey

  • Mussolini signs a Concordat with the Pope

  • The proposed Young Plan further reduces the reparations of Germany.

  • First typerwriter with Japanesse symbols invented

    Kyota Sugimoto
  • The poet Mayakovsky commits suicide

  • Britain, Japan, France, Italy and the USA sign the London Naval Treaty,

  • Most immigrants to the USA are Italians

  • the Soviet government destroys the Christ the Savior Cathedral

  • The yen devalues

  • Britain abandons Gold Standard

  • Italy conquers the whole of Libya

  • Right-wing groups plot coups against the government(Jspan)

  • Thomas Edison dies. Lights are dimmed in his honor.

  • Amelia Earhart flies solo from Newfoundland to Ireland

  • Welland Canal bypasses Niagara Falls

  • Mass arrests of socialists in Japan

  • The Japanese economy begins to recover ahead of Western economies

  • anti-communist rebellion in Mongolia

  • Nationalist military officers assassinate prime minister Inukai, attack banks and police stations

  • one million people in Kazakhstan die of famine

  • Reichstag Fire

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes 32nd President.

  • the Japanese army invades Hebei

  • Emergency Banking Act

  • Farm Credit Act

  • Germany outlaws all political parties except the Nazi Party

  • The "Union of Soviet Writers" is created

  • the miner Aleksej Stakanov becomes a Soviet hero for his amazing productivity

  • The Soviet Union declares that the fascist states of Germany and Japan are the enemies

  • Adolph Hitler wins plebiscite

  • Social Security Act

  • Nuremberg Laws

    Deprive German Jews of their citizenship and make the swastika the official symbol of Nazi Germany; Sept 15.
  • Italy invades Ethiopia

  • BBC television service begins in London

  • Adolf Hitler presides over Olympic games in Berlin

  • Neutrality Act of 1937

  • Amelia Earhart Putnam disappears

  • IRA bombings in England

  • The world's first major film festival is held in Venezia

  • Germany invading Poland