Travel and Tourism Key events

  • Boeing 747 ‘Jumbo Jet’

    Boeing 747 ‘Jumbo Jet’
    Boeing 747 is the first airplane as a Jumbo Jet and the first wide body airline. It’s service was with Pan Am with it’s first flight from New York to London.
  • Car Ownership in the UK

    Car Ownership in the UK
    In Britain nearly half percent of all households did not regularly use car, by 1971 over 6.7 miliion UK residents made holiday trips abroad.
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    Concorde came into service

    Concorde is the worlds first supersonic passenger carrying commercial plane, which was built by manufacturers in France and Great Britain. September 26th it made its first transatlantic crossing and January 21st was it’s first scheduled service which was flown from London to Bahrain by British Airways then AirFrance flew it from Paris to Rio de Janeiro. They added more routes which stopped as aircraft noise and operating expenses were limited to its service which made the flights very expensive.
  • Visits abroad

    Visits abroad
    In 1982, British tourists have made over 20 million visits abroad.
  • Launch of RyanAir

    Launch of RyanAir
    RyanAir launched their first route in July with daily flights on an 15 seater Bandeirante aircraft which was operated from Waterford in South East of Ireland to London, Gatwick. It was set up by Ryan family with a capital share of £1 and with only had 25 staff.
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    Channel Tunnel

    Channel tunnel is the longest undersea tunnel in the world and is one of the biggest engineering projects undertaken in the United Kingdom with more than 13,000 workers from England and France. Over 4.5 million United Kingdom’s tourists use the tunnel every year with 1.6 million trucks transporting goods between the United Kingdom and the continent, which is worth €140 billion per year to United Kingdom and European economies.
  • Invention of the Internet

    Invention of the Internet
    The inventor of the internet is Tim Berners- Lee, he invented the internet at the age of 34 years old and has been improving it ever since. Using the internet has provided a massive increase of travel and tourism as 74% of traveler’s plan their trips online, this includes browsing where to go and booking holidays via the internet.
  • EasyJet Launched

    EasyJet Launched
    EasyJet launched to offer low fares for flights in Europe and started with two leased aircrafts. EasyJet was founded by Sir Stelious Haji-loannou in 1995.
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    Overseas tourists in Britains

    In 1998, over 25.7 million people came overseas to visit Britain. Whilst they were over in Britain the spent over £12,671 million.
  • 9/11

    9/11 is a four coordinated terrorist attack by the Millitant Islamist terrorist group that put off visitors coming to New York . it went from 6.8 million visitors in 2000 to 5.7 million in 2001, it took 5 years to fix what 9/11 had done to New York.
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    Global Recession

    Global recession is a financial crisis that made markets crash and holidays makers to deal with tight budgets. This crisis made outbound travel decrease, however it increased British staycations by 17%. It is the longest recession since World War II.
  • TV and Film tourism

    TV and Film tourism
    Tv and Film tourism is influenced by programs to go to the places that are in the film or programs. Some examples of tv and film tourism are Mamma Mia which is filmed on the Greek Island of Skopelos, Greece in 2008 and The Lord of the rings which is filmed in New Zealand in 2001
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    Icelandic Ash Cloud

    Icelandic Ash Cloud was an series of volcanic eruptions in Eyjafjalljökull. Iceland caused an ash cloud which wrecked air travel in Europe, this made airports worry if the ash would damage the aircrafts engine because of the worry they closed off airspace in Europe. This was the largest air traffic shutdown since World War II with 107,000 flights cancelled over 8 days which effected 10 million passengers.
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    Brexit was when there was an election for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, which the United Kingdom did leave the European Union. This made the visitors numbers to the United Kingdom fall by 5.3% in 2018. United Kingdom officially left the European Union at the end of January 2020.
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    COVID-19 is an ongoing virus which has killed 5.17 million of people worldwide. This virus has caused an global pandemic, scaring millions of people to leave there house, separating families and friends from seeing each other and has changed the world drastically. This virus has made passenger arrivals to the United Kingdom drop dramatically from 6,804,900 in February 2020 to 112,300 in April 2020. This has made an big impact on airlines causing many jobs lost and travel agents to get shut down.