Transcontinental Railroad

  • Whitney's Plan

    Whitney's Plan
    Asa Whitney presents a plan for the federal government to subside the biulding of a railroad from the Mississippi river to the Pacific. The settlement of the Oregon boundary, the aquisition of terrioritories from Mexico and the discovry of gold in California helped support the plan.
  • Congress Support

    Congress Support
    Congress appropiated fnds to survey possible routes. there was tension over the Route as senator Stephen Douglas introduced his Kansas-Nebraska Act to win approval for a line from Chicago.
  • During Civil War

    A congress enacted legislation providing for construction of a transcontinential line. the law said the railroad would be built by two companies.
  • Beginning

    the union pacific began construction from Omaha, Nebraska, and the central pacific began in Sacremento, California
  • Finished product

    Finished product
    The two rail companies came together and joined rails in Promontory Summit, Utah; a single golden spike joined the two rails.
  • Additional Lines

    In addtion to the Transcontinental railroad being finished the Northern Pacific RR(stretching from Lake Superior to Portland, Oregon), the Santa Fe(extending from Atchison, Kansas to LA, California), and the Southern Pacific(connecting LA to New Orleans) were finished
  • Final Train

    In 1893 the 5th and last railroad was finished--the Great Northern!