Transcontinental Railroad

  • Asa Whitney Proposal

    Asa Whitney proposed a plan for the federal government to finacially support the building of a railroad from the Mississippi to the Pacific.
  • Oregon boundary

    Increased support for the railroad
  • Western territories

    Aquisation of the territories in Mexico helped with the support of the project
  • Discovery of gold

    Found in California. Helped gain support of the project.
  • Congress funds

    Congress set aside money to survey different proposed routes.
  • Kansas- Nebraska Act

    Senator Stephen Douglas introduced the act to try to win approval for a line from Chicago.
  • Congress enacted legislation

    Republic controlled Congress made a legislation for construction of the transcontinental line. Must be built by two companies, federal land grants. Thirty year government loan for each mile of track.
  • Construction of the Union Pacifc

    Omaha, Nebraska
    Sacramento, California
  • Two lines meet

    Promontory Summit, Utah
    Goldon spike joined the two railroads
  • Three others finished

    Northern Pacific: Lake Superior to Portland, Oregon
    Santa Fe: Atchison, Kansas to Los Angeles
    Southern Pacific: Los Angeles to New Orleans
  • Great Northern