• Proposal Accepted

    Technology Risk Assessment Proposal Accepted by Alberta Education.
  • Prj Team

    Project Leadership Team assembled.
  • Review Frameworks

    Review of existing risk frameworks in different sectors
  • Participation

    Advertise for other school jurisdictions to participate in the work of creating a risk assessment framework
  • JTC Presentation

    Jurisdictional Technology Conference in Calgary Alberta. Presentation from the team about the work of constructing a framework for all schools to be able to use.
  • Create a website

    Create a website for the work
  • form regional teams

    regional teams of school jurisdictions formed to work on the alpha version of the framework.
  • Ab. Ed. Visit

    Visit from Alberta Education Angie Tarasoff.
  • Alpha Version of Framework

    Alpha version of the framework is complete.
  • Regional Participation Groups

    Regional participation groups identified and a schedule set of townhall meetings to get feedback on the alpha version of the framework.
  • ATLE

    Alberta Technology Leaders in Education conference in Red Deer. Present the framework and have a work session.
  • JTC fall

    Jurisdictional Technology Conference held in calgary.
  • Beta Version

    Beta Version of the framework developed.
  • Final Testing

  • Publishing & Presenting