Trade Fashion Milestones

By siradac
  • Finish creating website

  • Period: to

    Cost= $100,000

  • Period: to


  • Final edits to website

  • Insert advertisements into website

  • Spread Trade Fashion

    Promote Trade Fashion through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
  • Hire more workers

  • Target number of members: 500

  • Period: to

    Cost=$150,000 per year

  • Period: to

    Income= $60,000

  • Promote Trade Fashion through news media

    Magazines, newspapers, websites
  • Target number of members: 1,500

  • Period: to

    Cost=$300,000 per year

  • Period: to

    Income= $150,000

  • Target number of members: 6,000

  • Get sponsorships from companies

    Sponsorships from companies that produce clothes, shoes or accessories, like Forever 21, H&M, etc.
  • Period: to

    Cost=$500,000 per year

  • Period: to


  • Get more sponsorships

  • Target number of members: 15,000

  • Expand website

    Expand website to include items other than clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • Period: to

    Cost=$800,000 per year

  • Period: to


    Revenue now equals costs.
  • Get sponsorships and endorsements from major clothing firms

  • Target number of members: 40,000