Trabajo social

  • Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera

    Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera
    the Spanish population continued
    dissatisfied The loss of Cuba and the Philippines, the last Spanish colonies,
    just as the military defeats in Morocco provoked a strong
    social unrest.General Primo de Rivera in 1923 staged a coup after which
    establishes a dictatorship, that is, he assumed all the powers of the State and
    banned political parties. The dictatorship ended in 1930 with the
    his resignation.
  • frist world war

    frist world war
    In the First World War - Involves several continents
    - New weapons with a much destructive capacity were used
    greater than the previous ones.
    - The number of civilian casualties was very high.
  • The Second Republic

    The Second Republic
    the first were held
    municipal elections,Government
    Republican undertook numerous reforms, drafted a Constitution
    where women's right to vote was recognized for the first time
  • the civil War

    the civil War
    The general
    Francisco Franco staged a coup to end the government of
    the Republic.The
    Spanish population was divided into two sides: The Republican side
    that supported the Republic and the rebel side or national side that
    supported Franco's uprising.Franco occupied much of Spain
  • second world war

    second world war
    In the Second World War, bombings occurred
    massive,There were 50 million dead. Why did the war happen?
    the invasion of Poland by German troops,the Japanese invasion of China, the British and Dutch colonies and
    later the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Franco dictatorship

    Franco dictatorship
    Franco became head of state, government and army.He suppressed the Constitution and enacted some laws that,
    although they recognized some rights, many others were limited.Thousands of Republicans were convicted
    and many others exiled from Spain.The population had become impoverished and there was a lack of food and products
    basics.little by little Spain was rising and in 1975 the dictatorship ends.
  • Creation of the ONU

    Creation of the ONU
    the foundation from the ONU.Your goals are
    the maintenance of peace and cooperation between countries.It consists of 30 articles that collect the fundamental rights that
    every person, without distinction of race, color, sex, religion or language.
    46 states from around the world participated in the founding of the UN.
    Currently 192 countries are full member.
  • democratic governments

    democratic governments
    Since the 1977 elections, Spaniards regularly vote for their
    national, regional and municipal representatives.
  • the 1978 constitution

    the 1978 constitution
    A group made up of seven deputies, known as the "fathers of the
    Constitution".The 1978 Constitution consists of
    169 articles and a series of provisions.- Organization of the national territory by autonomous communities.
    - The age to exercise the vote is 18 years.
    - Separation of powers.
    - Collect the obligations and rights of citizens.