Tourism History

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  • Period:
    4,000 BCE


    The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans made advancements that made traveling easier. People from far away were encouraged to travel to the big beautiful cities created by the Egyptians. Traveling also allowed people to get a proper education.
  • 3,100 BCE

    Early Civilizations

    Early Civilizations
    Most people traveled on foot to get to their destination. It was extremely dangerous to travel. Ex. Wild animals, violence etc. People who were traveling were mostly tribes who wanted trade, shelter and food.
  • -400 BCE

    Roman Era

    Roman Era
    The Roman Empire had expanded into an entire nation. This empire created more than 8,000 km of roads throughout in Europe.It made areas throughout the Roman empire easier to access. Travel was made more safer and easier for people to enjoy. The Romans took care of Tourists by building tavern, restaurants and entertainment places.