Total Takeover

  • 1917 Bolshevik takeover

    1917 Bolshevik takeover
    Lenin organized a revolution to over take Kerensky's government. The Bolsheiviks were a minority of socialists who attained members through slogans like "Bread, peace and freedom". Lenin pulls Russia out of wwI amd signs the treaty of Brest-Litosk in the next march.
  • Russian Civil war begins

    Russian Civil war begins
    The Bolsheviks(reds) started outnumbered but eventually gains more followers. the fights were brutal and confusing with massacres on both sides. the Reds eventually got their troops to 5,000,000 men. the Whites get crushed in the end.
  • 1919 Creates Fascist Party

    1919 Creates Fascist Party
    Mussolini created the Fascist politicaql party. This was similar to communism since the government would have complete control except there was free enterprise unlike communism.
  • 1920 Hitler joins NSDAP

    1920 Hitler joins NSDAP
    After war Hitler became a reservist. He was spying on the Nazi party which he happened to like the ideas of. He joins and becomes the seventh member.
  • NEP

    the new economic policy was the policy by Lenin which allowed small businesses but the state still controlled banks, foreign trade and large industries.
  • 1922 March on Rome

    1922 March on Rome
    Out of his Fascist party, Black shirts were formed. This "gang" would start tons of chaos in the streets of Rome in attempt to overthrow the government, the prime minister didnt know what to do so he gave the power to Mussolini.
  • 1923 Beer Hall Putsch

    1923 Beer Hall Putsch
    a failed attempt of a revolution by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party
  • 1924 Lenin's death

    1924 Lenin's death
    Lenin died of a stroke in 1924.
  • Writes Mein Kampf

    Writes Mein Kampf
    After hilter failed with his beer hall putsch he was imprisioned and while being their he wrote this book.
  • Creation of five year plans

    Creation of five year plans
    a series of economic plans for the soviet union. it was to transform the USSR and help it industrialize
  • Collectivization of Agriculture

    Collectivization of Agriculture
    Stalin took the farms away from Kulaks so the farms cold collaborate together to get excess food which angers the Kulaks. The peasants destroy the food so the government cannot get to it. Kulaks are killed and famine kills many.
  • 1931 Invasion of Manchuria

    1931 Invasion of Manchuria
    When the stockmarket crashed tariffs rose and america basically cut off most of their international relations, Japan got most of their food from foreign trade. so to get food the invaded Manchuria to get new resources.
  • 1932 Nazi party wins majority in election

    1932 Nazi party wins majority in election
    in 1932 six million germans were unemployed, Hitler gave promised to make the country better so since the germans liked the thought of having prosperity once again a majority of them voted for the Nazi party.
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor

    Hitler becomes Chancellor
    In 1932 the government was scared of a communist takeover so they were pressured to make Hitler the chancellor
  • 1935 Invasion of Ethiopia

    1935 Invasion of Ethiopia
    After hearing about Hitler's plan to get as much territory as he could, Mussolini decided to do the same by inveding Abyssinia in attempt to get more land which it did successfully.
  • Re-Militarizes Rhineland

    Re-Militarizes Rhineland
    In the Treaty of Versailles it stated that the Rhineland must remain unmilitarized but Hitler breaks this contract by sending troops in this area.
  • Creation of Berlin-Rome-Toyko Axis

    Creation of Berlin-Rome-Toyko Axis
    After wwI germany was humiliated from the conditions of The treaty of versailles and wanted revenge. Italy did not recieve the land they were promised. Then Japan wanted Chinese territory. All of these countries had unfurfilled goals from the firest war so they worked together to get what they wanted.
  • Great Purges

    Great Purges
    a series of campaigns of political repression and murders in the Soviet Union whih was done by Stalin.
  • 1937 Rape of Nanjing

    1937 Rape of Nanjing
    Japan captured the city of Nanjing then all the soldiers came in and would rape/murder everyone in this city.
  • Anschuluss

    Hitler argued that he wanted to annex Austria into Germany because they are more like germans. just because they changed borders does not actually make them Austrian.
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    A conference was held between Britain, France, Italy and Germany. Fascist dictators persuaded Britain and France to agree to Nazis taking over the Sudetenland so once again the two powers of France and Britain were using appeasement.
  • Capture of Sudetenland

    Capture of Sudetenland
    Since Czechoslovakia was weak from Sudetenland being taken away Hitler captured the rest of the country.
  • Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact

    Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact
    Germany and Russia agreed not to attak each other.