top 10 events during the 20th centuary that affected out lives now.

  • event #1 in 1912

    In 1912 there was a war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire The Ottomoan empire took benefits because it was about being considered, modernalizing the army and being part of industrializing europe.
  • Event #2 in 1915

    Brittian lost 2 wars during world war 1 .
    1-battle of the seas (1915)
    2-Gallipoly (attaturk he was the head of the Ottoman empire)
  • Event #3 in 1917

    Russia leaves the war so there is comunist. Comunist is when ruling classes has been overthrown. And there was Balfour Declaration.
  • Event #4 in 1920

    Treaty of Severous they took Turkey and Attaturk was able to unify Turkey. He brought education
  • 1922 Luzan treaty

    There was Luzan treaty by Attaturk and The Brittish mandate (white papers #1)
  • 1936-1939

    in 1936-1939 There was Jewish immigration and the world war ii eve and haullacaust
  • 1946-1948

    In 1946 There was Jordan independance and John glubbs stays. In 1947 There was UN partitions, and end of Iraq Hashemite. In 1948 there was the Nakbeh. The israel independence and dir yassin
  • 1953-1958

    In 1954 Jordan was ruled by Britian. In 1955 king Faisal made a Baghdad pact. In 1956 nationalize suez canal. power shifted from UK to US and glubbs leaves Jordan. In 1957 there was pan arabism and pan socialism there was sharing wealth. In 1958 there is a united arab republic and king Faisal dies.
  • 1973

    Sadat is hated and there is signs of piece treaty and the Egypt land is returned