Toni Morrison

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  • Birth:

    She was born in Lorain, New York. She was an African-American writer.
  • Education:

    She started studying in the university Howard in Washington D.C and she continued in the University Cornell.
  • Graduation:

    She graduated in English philology.
  • Period: to

    Married time:

    She married architect Harold Morrison.
  • Works

    She worked as a literary editor in the Random House, New York.
  • "Bluest eyes":

    "Bluest eyes":
    This was her first novel, about a girl who dreams of having blue eyes.
  • "The Island of Knights":

    She marks the risk of the cultural alienation of blacks in the 1980s.
  • "Beloved"

    It tells the story of an African-American who escapes slavery by fleeing to Ohio, a free state.
  • Nobel Prize in Literature:

    Nobel Prize in Literature:
    She was the first black woman to receive it.
  • "Desdemona":

    It is her most important play produced in Vienna. In her works she talks about the lives of the black population, especially women.
  • Death:

    She died of a brief illness at the age of 88.