Tom delonge

Tom DeLonge

  • Birthday

    This is the day Tom DeLonge was born.
  • Guitar

    Tom DeLonge got his first guitar for his 15th birthday.
  • Period: to

    Blink 182

    Tom DeLonge wass the lead singer of the band Blink 182 and also played guitar.
  • Debut album

    Debut album
    Tom DeLonge's first ever album was in 1994 with Blink 182. It was called Cheshire Cat.
  • Period: to

    Angels and Airwaves

    Tom DeLonge was not only in the band Blink 182, but also the lead vocolist for Angels and Airwaves which as an alternative band.
  • Period: to

    Blink 182, again

    After 2005 the band broke up, but after four years they started up again with Tom DeLonge still being the lead vocolist.
  • Skin Cancer

    Skin Cancer
    Tom Delonge had and beat skin cancer in 2010, he did not reveal this till a year after.