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  • The first toilet to be discovered.

    The first toilet to be discovered.
    A toilet was discovered in the tomb of a Chinese king of the Western Han Dynasty that dates back to 206 BC to 24 AD.
  • Royal Toliet.

    Royal Toliet.
    In 1596, a flush toilet was invented and built for Queen Elizabeth I by her Godson, Sir John Harrington.
    It was the very fisrt royal toilet to be created.
  • The New(s-strap)

    The New(s-strap)
    1775: Alexander Cummings invented the S-trap , still used today, that used standing water to seal the outlet of the bowl, preventing the escape of foul air from the sewer. His design had a sliding valve in the bowl outlet above the trap.
  • Sanitary Issues were found.

    Sanitary Issues were found.
    During the 1800s, people realized that poor sanitary conditions caused diseases. Having toilets and sewer systems that could control human waste became a priority to lawmakers, medical experts, inventors, and the general public.
  • Termont hotel..the first hotel to have a flush toilet.

    Termont hotel..the first hotel to have a flush toilet.
    In 1829, the Tremont Hotel of Boston became the first hotel to have indoor plumbing, and had eight water closets built by Isaiah Rogers. Until 1840, indoor plumbing could be found only in the homes of the rich and the better hotels.
  • Crapper company!

    Crapper company!
    1880s: Thomas Crapper's plumbing company built flush toilets of Giblin's design. After the company received a royal warrant, Crapper's name became synonymous with flush toilets. Crapper popularised the siphon system for emptying the tank, replacing the earlier floating valve system which was prone to leaks.
  • Toilets are changing

    Toilets are changing
    Beginning in 1910, toilet designs started changing away from the elevated water tank into the modern toilet with a close tank and bowl.
    -more and more toilets are being offered to certian places.