• Toodler

    Andrea is now 13 months old.She is walking with some difficulties, if she is wearing her shoes. Andrea is eating a variety of different healthy foods, fruits and vegetables as weel as drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup. She has 3 upper front teeth and 3 lower ones, starting to cut some molars. Andrea is more alert to exploring the world and experiensing the consequences.
  • Eighteen month old

    Eighteen month old
    At this age Andrea had a sudden spurt in vocabulary, she is repeating alot more words that she hears from people around her. She is physically more active able to go up the stairs out side the playground of her day care center with out much help form caregivers, she is using her hand muscles when using crayons or finger painting.
  • 24 month old

    24 month old
    Andrea is now 24 months old and she has a shy slow to warm at first personality. but once she feels welcome and confortable she is very social and friendly, she now have a extended vocabulary and is learning to potty in the toilet, and using pull ups at night time only and underwear during the day.
  • 2 years and 9 month old

    2 years and 9 month old
    Andrea is now 2 years old with 9 months. almost all of her teeth and molars are out and she can now use her hand muscles with a better movement with a pencil of regular size not necesarily a thick one like the one she need it when she was only 15 months of age. She can recognize some shapes, colors and upper and lower letters of hte alphabet. Andrea no longer needs a sippy cup she can drink out of a regular cup without spillings. she can also pedal a 3 wheel tricycle.