To all the boys I've loved before

Timeline created by bryleeoldroyd
  • Lara Jean's first day of school

    The book begins with Lara Jean's first day of school, and her sister going to college. This is where we meet her family, friends, and get a basic understanding of all of the characters. We get short backstories on each of them, including Peter. After school that day, she explains the letters that she's written for all of the boys she has ever loved.
  • Lara Jean's letters were sent

    After school has been in session for a while, Lara Jean is confronted by Peter. He asks her about the letter, which makes Lara Jean worried that the others were also sent. When Josh, another recipient of a love letter, comes to confront her, Lara Jean kisses Peter to prove she no longer loves Josh.
  • The fake relationship

    The letters are sent, and Peter has just broken up with his girlfriend, Jen. Lara Jean explains herself and the situation with Josh. Josh is her sister's boyfriend, and she wouldn't want him to know she used to like him, and Peter wants to make Jen jealous. The two then decide to make a fake relationship. This would mean they would act like a couple at school, but they aren't in an actual relationship. They create a contract, and they begin "dating."
  • They begin to have real feelings

    The fake relationship was a surprising success. Everyone believed that Lara Jean and Peter were a real couple. Jen was jealous, and Josh knew that Lara Jean no longer had feelings for him, even after reading his letter. However, Lara Jean and Peter begin having real feelings for each other. After an interesting ski trip for school, they both realize this.
  • Jen is too jealous

    After the ski trip, Lara Jean and Peter realize that they have real feelings for each other. Jen notices this, and she gets very jealous. She then lies about Peter to Lara Jean, and this creates a lot of drama for the two. Lara Jean decides to end the relationship, whether it was real or fake.
  • The ending

    After a long time of Lara Jean believing lies about Peter, her friends convince her that Jen was lying. After thinking about it for some time, Lara Jean decides to forgive Peter, and they make up. Lara Jean gets to see her sister after her being in college, and everything is back to how it was before.