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Title Timeline - Sixth sence

  • Period: to

    Sixth sence

  • hollywood pictures

    hollywood pictures
    The title starts at 2 seconds in. It features a sphinx on an increasingly bright blue backdrop on a black background. The tite 'HOLLYWOOD PICTURES' fades in below. This lasts until 11 seconds
  • Spyglass logo

    Spyglass logo
    spyglass logo starts at 14 seconds. As the image zooms out, 'SPYGLASS ENTERTAINMENT' appears. This lasts until 27 seconds.
  • production companies

    production companies
    HOLLYWOOD PICTURES AND SPYGLASS ENTERTAINMENT PRESENT appears in white font on a black background this lasts until 40 seconds, where it fades out.
  • production names

    production names
    41 seconds. A KENNEDY/MARSHALL/BARRY MENDEL PRODUCTION. this lasts until 48 seconds where it fades out.
  • actor name

    actor name
    BRUCE WILLIS starts at 50 seconds and lasts until 54 seconds
  • main titles

    main titles
    THE SIXTH SENCE starts at 55 seconds and lasts until 58 seconds
  • title repeat

    title repeat
    starts at 58, repeat/crossover of previous. lasts until 1:01
  • actress

    actress name TONI COLLETTE starts at 1:04 and lasts until 1:08
  • actress name

    actress name
    OLIVIA WILLIAMS, white text black background, from 1:08 until 1:13
  • actress

    HAYLEY JOEL OSMENT, white text black background. from 1:14 until 1:18
  • actor

    DONNIE WAHLBERG white title on black background. from 1:19 to 1:23
  • actor(ess)

    GLENN FITZGERALD and MISCHA BARTON white text black background. from 1:24 until 1:30
  • actor

    TREVOR MORGAN white title, black background. from 1:30 until 1:37
  • casting

    CASTING BY AVY KAUFMAN white text black background. from 1:38 until 1:44
  • costume

    COSTUME DESIGN JOANNA JOHNSTON black background white text. from 1:45 until 1:50
  • music

    MUSIC BY JAMES NEWTON HOWARD white text black background
  • edited

    EDITED BY ANDREW MONDSHEIN white text black background. 1:58 until end